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How to Make a Brother’s Birthday Memorable?

Brothers are a true blessing. We know you are engaged in non-stop quarrels; he is immensely annoying, always eats up your chocolates in the fridge and all that but isn’t he the number you dial when something goes wrong? Most brother-sister relationships are defined by never-ending brawls but we can’t not mention the times when you cry your heart out in front of your brother, he takes a stand for you when no one else is ready to understand and the deep conversations you have when you feast on pizza late night; high up on the terrace! 

Siblings never really display affection, but birthdays are moments when you definitely must. With your brother’s upcoming birthday, you have the opportunity to thank him for every time he stood up for you and gave you a patient ear. Let him know that after all; you don’t really hate him; though you always state it!  

Here are a few ideas to make your brother’s birthday memorable! 

1] Take him on an unplanned road trip

The spontaneity and thrill that a road trip offers especially when unplanned is something that your brother will undoubtedly love! It is misinterpreted that road trip is for the young. It certainly is desired by youth but even if your brother is a grown man; there is nothing that can go wrong with a road trip. Book a few jeeps, cars, or two-wheelers depending on the number of people you wish to include on the road trip. Keep the number short and stick to only the people your brother is truly comfortable with and the ones who bring the best out of him. Blindfold your brother and take him to the meeting place where all have gathered and travel on! Unplanned road trips can expose you to boundless opportunities. You can keep a few beer bottles in the backseat, sandwiches and other appetizers and enjoy a journey through the trees with music on!

2] Surprise Video 

Videos are something that can be preserved for a lifetime. Communicate with your brother’s friends and your close relatives and ask them to film a video wishing your brother a very happy birthday! Create a birthday video message. You can ask them to mention fun or emotional memories with your brother or mention his strengths. Videos allow you great flexibility since anyone from any corner of the world can send in a video and be a part of the special day! Compile all the videos and photographs together using tools that help you furnish a professional video tailored to your requirements. Add in your personal touch and once the video is finalized; display it on a huge screen as a surprise! Your brother will definitely love it! Involve people who your brother has been really close to but didn’t really expect their wishes. This will make it even more fun and memorable!

3] Take him to an amusement arcade centre or entertainment centres

If there is something that men never get bored of is Games! The adrenaline rush they get as they smash their bumper cars, win the bowling round, and ace the VR games is immeasurable! On his birthday; take your brother to an amusement arcade centre. Play Laser tag with him, beat him in a virtual arcade race and be a part of his so-called cool life! He will truly remember this day for the rest of his life. You can also invite his close friends if you want! 

4] Gift him something unique

Unlike girls, most guys are very particular about what they like as a gift. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to ask him what he would like to have as a gift. He will probably present you with a wishlist from which you can choose. You can always get him some super new tech stuff, a unique watch or something that complements his gaming set-up! You can also buy him games he had wanted to play for a long time but couldn’t buy due to budget constraints. You don’t really have to spend a fortune. Just think thoroughly about his likes and dislikes before you make your choice. 

5] Get his favourite celebrity’s signature 

Some boys are really crazy about celebrities; usually sportsmen. They won’t stop hooting when their favourite football player is on the field and go into sad mode if he loses. If your brother is one of them; the best you can do is get the signature of his favourite player! You can get this on a tee-shirt, mug or any other thing. If you can; try and take him to a live game! He will forever be grateful to you and might even stop stealing your chocolates for the rest of your life! 

All in all, get your brother the best of what you can. You as a sibling must know him better than anyone else so, make sure you take all his preferences into account before you go on planning for his special day! No matter what you do, know that he is going to love the efforts you put in, so plan on! Toodles!