How to Make and Edit Facebook Shorts

Do you have an upcoming event, a weekend getaway, or even a special promotion you’d like to share with your followers? If you have a short video to post on Facebook, you may be wondering how to make and edit Facebook shorts.

Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is simple. It’s just that the hard part is finding good short videos that catch people’s attention.

Follow these few tips, and you can make sure your short video gets the proper eye it deserves. Read on!

Use Video Clips, Images, and Text

Using videos, images, and readable text to make and edit Facebook reels is easy. Select a suitable video, image, or text. You can either record directly from your device’s camera or upload a pre-recorded video from your library.

To add images and text, you need to open the Editor Tool. Then, tap the ‘Text’ or ‘Image’ option. You can adjust the size, color, and alignment to make your reel look unique. 

Video clips should be short and less than 15 seconds in length. Once the clips are selected, they should be arranged in the order that they appear in the reel. 

Make Any Adjustments 

If you want to add a more dynamic feel to your video, you can make adjustments such as adding a music track, speeding up or slowing down the video, and adding filters to create reels. You can use something like iTunes or YouTube to find a suitable music track and determine whether you want to speed up or slow down the video.

Then, you’ll need to create a separate audio layer and lay the track on top of the video in your video editing software. You can then adjust the speed of the video or the volume of the music track to achieve the desired effect.

After that, you can add filters to make your reel look unique and professional. Filters can help bring out colors or enhance contrasts in the video. Export the edited video and share it with your audience!

Convert to MP4

As your video is ready for sharing, make sure you prepare different versions for different platforms. You should try this option if you need an MP4 video. Converting your video to MP4 will also give you much better results when it comes to uploading the finished video.

This is because the MP4 video format is compatible with most devices and browsers, including Facebook, and it can easily be shared online. The file size will also be reduced when you use the MP4 format, thus, making it easier for you to transfer it from one device to another. You can be sure about the higher quality of the video as well.

Make Facebook Shorts Starting Today

Making Facebook shorts is a great way to express creativity and reach new audiences. It also provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their reach.

Plus, creating shorts is simple and convenient. So, don’t wait! Start making your own Facebook shorts today and tap into your creative potential!

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