How to Tie Shoes to Slip on

If you are like most people, you probably slip your shoes on when you are in a hurry. This can be a problem if the laces come undone, and your shoe falls off. 

In this blog post, we will show you how to tie your shoes so that they will stay on even if they come loose. We will also show you how to make them easier to slip on in a hurry.

Step By Step Guide to tying shoes to slip on:

Most users prefer to use the best pull-on work boots. However, no need to worry about the trend; you should get a pair that looks good on you, even if it is a pull-on boot or a traditional shoe. There are so many fabulous lace-up styles, but we’re talking about those popular ones everyone’s wearing right now – Double Cross Laces are always in style. 

And we will use the same technique to tie the shoes as slip-ons. Remember there can be anywhere from six to seven eyelets per shoe (Mostly Seven), so don’t get confused with the number of eyelets. Here are the complete and simple steps to tie your shoes as slip-ons:

  • First, take the lace from the start and begin from the eyelet’s lower side.
  • Next, put one end of the shoelaces right inside and a second to the left inside.
  • Then it would help if you balanced your shoelaces.
  • Now, you have to insert the right shoelace into the third left eyelet from the up and the left shoelace into the third right eyelet from the downside.
  • Now you will see the unique X on the first and third eyelets when you see it from the lower eyelets.
  • Now from the left side third eyelet, pull the eyelet from the shoes inside to the second left.
  • Similarly, you need to drag the right end’s third eyelet and drag it to the second eyelet from the shoe’s inside.
  • You need to form that “X” between the second and fourth eyelet by going right to left and left to right.
  • Now you need to form the “X” on the fourth to the sixth eyelet in your shoes.
  • Next, drag the shoelace from the sixth eyelet towards the fifth eyelet of the right side, and similarly from the sixth hole of the left, drag the laces to the left fifth.
  • Now you can form the last X from the fifth to seventh and tie the shoelaces behind the eyelets.

This is how you can tie the shoelaces as a slip-on without any trouble through the double-cross lacing technique. Now, let’s take a look at some other methods to tie your shoe as a pull-on.

Tying shoes to slip on through Straight Lace Style

One more style that you need to try is the Straight Lace Style. This tip will help with tying your shoes, so they slip on easier, and I guarantee this method gives a perfect grip when slipping into those gorgeous heels. Here is how you do it:

  • First, grab both ends of your shoelace and insert them onto the left side and right side eyelets from the end eyelets.
  • Now move to the right side, and drag the shoelaces from inside to the right side’s eyelet and insert it to the second last eyelet of the left side.
  • Now, from the left drag, grab the shoelace from the third eyelet of the left side and enter it into the opposite hole, which should be third eyelets from the right-side on the lower side.
  • Repeat the same steps until you reach the seventh eyelet, pass the shoelaces from both ends, and tie them under the pad.

Use The No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Both the methods mentioned above are quick and straightforward for any person. However, if you don’t like this hassle, we recommend you get the Elastic Shoe Laces to tie your shoes as a pull or slip-on. When you use elastic shoelaces no need to tie the shoes to get that evergreen slip-on design.

No Tie Elastic Shoelaces are handy as you only need to put one eyelet with the second eyelet and lock them. You can also modify the shoe’s flexibility after wearing them with these laces. You can use any design with these shoelaces, such as cross style, straight style, similar styles, gladiator style, and many more without understanding the process of lacing with one lace.

Besides, you can get matching laces for the shoes and apply these lacing techniques even if you don’t know about them. In this modern era, you can get the resolutions before thinking about them.

In the End:

This blog post should conclude that tying shoes is not necessary for a slip-on. You can also get a shoehorn if you have trouble with the process of putting on your own shoes or ask someone else to do it for you next time. It will save some frustration and time in the long run. What are your thoughts about the matter? Do let us know.