How To Transition Office Wear From Day To Night

Whatever dress code you have in the office, it’s important to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. After all, how you dress can somehow influence the level of confidence you have to take on whatever tasks and meet with key people in your company. There’s a sense of power in owning your style, and that’s what professional clothes can do to you. 

On the other hand, after work is finished and suppose you’re planning to have a night out and grab dinner or some drinks with your colleagues, it’s similarly important to dress up for the right mood and vibe. But since it could be troublesome to go back home to change outfits, it may be wiser and more convenient to tweak your day workwear to match it for the night. 

And with that, investing in office wear that can be easily transitioned from day to night can be an ideal choice. To help you with this, shopping from ready-to-wear sites like and seeing what they offer can be a good start.

Additionally, here are some fashion advice and tips for workwear that are fit for both day and night: 

Layer Up And Layer Down  

Layers can do wondrous magic to any outfit. When working in the office, you can layer up a jacket or a blazer to cover your sheath dress. The act of adding or subtracting layers is enough to make you transition from a typical workday to a night filled with cocktails and wines. And so, whether you’ll be attending a party or having a girls’ night out after a long day in the office, you can simply remove your jacket or blazer to reveal your sheath dress underneath. 

The tip of layering up and down is one of the fail-proof techniques if you don’t want to bring extra dress and clothes to the office. Touch on some dark eyeshadow and bolder lip color, and you’re ready for a night out. 

Go for A Shift Dress  

Working in the office while wearing a shift dress will earn you some compliments here and there. A shift dress is stylish, feminine, and beautiful, all at the same time. However, they can also elevate your professional look and make you look more elegant. Despite its modest cut, a shift dress flatters your body form but is still appropriate for the office. You can pair it with your usual work heels or flats. 

Moreover, it’s also easy to shift your dress into something else if you’re running low on time and you need to run to the bar or restaurant to meet friends after work. Because of its loose and less fitting fabric and structure, you can move freely with it. Throw in some bold accessories into the mix or put on a denim or leather jacket; you’ll be on your way to a date night or drinks with friends.

Wear Black  

While many office-goers love wearing black because of its formal vibe, there are actually more reasons behind it. When transitioning from the office to an evening work event, it’s impossible to go wrong with black. A little black dress, for instance, won’t fail you if you don’t have any spare clothes for a night out with colleagues. Wearing an LBD is enough to prepare you to sip your favorite cocktail during happy hours. 

Little black dresses have been a staple in most women’s wardrobes, and this tip just verifies how useful they really are. You can easily shift them from day to night by accessorizing. For instance, bold earrings and chunky bracelets and necklaces can help do the trick and elevate your LBD outfit even more. You can also retain wearing your work heels or flats, depending on the look you’re going for. Lastly, don’t forget to wear red lip color, and you’re ready to be out and about for the night.    

Lose The Scarf, Replace With A Belt  

If you’re wearing a pencil skirt and blouse, you can accessorize with a scarf to make your look more elegant and stylish at work. For one, scarves are great accessories that make you look chic and can instantly uplift any boring work clothes. However, to switch the outfit into a night-out-appropriate look, get rid of the scarf and switch it with a thick belt on your waist. This demonstrates a fitter tummy and shows off your body form. Don’t forget to wear heels with this outfit, as they’re perfect for an office and a night event too.  

Switch The Tote With A Clutch  

The best accessories play a huge role in your outfit transitions. Another accessory that you need to switch up is your bag. During office hours, you are more likely to bring a large tote bag that fits all your work essentials. After all, you’ll need a convenient bag to store your laptop, work documents, makeup bag, wallet, and so on. However, if your work is done, leave your tote in the car, get some cash, lipstick, and your phone and shove them inside a small clutch. 

Going partying or chilling at night with a large tote on your shoulder is a no-go, so leave it out and go for the most stylish option, which is the clutch. A bag swap can transform your outfit in seconds when you’re ready to leave for after-work drinks. This is an easy trick to pull off!  


Dress codes at work are embraced by many women, as they feel more confident, respected, and professional-looking in them. And fortunately, there are some clothing pieces and accessories you can modify if you want to go to a night event straight away from the office. Without time to change, you can continue wearing your work clothes and do a few tweaks, and you’re ready to go for the night.