Incoming Fall Style Trends 2020

Have you ever ogled at a fashion magazine, pressed your fingers over its glossy sheen, covered the model’s face with your hand, and imagined your own in its place? Have you ever wondered, Could this be me? 

No one? Well. Okay.

Even if you don’t drool over this month’s Vogue in a fashion-induced trance, you may still be yearning for a fashion upgrade as fall 2020 approaches.

Whether you’re the Heidi Klum of your own life or a working professional wanting to stun your coworkers, read on for the incoming style trends of this season.

Mix and Match

This trend has been on the rise for a few seasons now, but is rearing for a peak in the fall. Here are some ways to make your own look worthy of a chef’s kiss:

  • Punky Prep – For a look that says, I’m too-cool-for-school, but I’m also good at school, pair a size XL printed tee (we recommend a Yoshitomo Nara art print) and a good pair of shoes (we recommended nike air force 1 premium at Stadium Goods) with a plaid pleated skirt. Add a grunge mesh undershirt and a metallic chain choker for a mix-and-match look fit for any fashion mag.
  • Futuristic Boho – Blend the warm, earthy tones and fabrics of every Coachella girl’s favorite style with the cool, innovative materials of the avant-garde for a look that says, I don’t get it… but I like it. Pair a bohemian, patchwork kimono with a see-through mod dress that showcases your lacy 30A bra and undie set. This juxtaposition of materials will make you fit right into this fall trend, all while standing out.
  • Romance and Metal – Just like crunchy croutons go perfectly with silky caesar dressing, so do metal and lace. Try a metallic skater skirt with a billowy lace top for a whimsical take on everyone’s favorite space pirate fantasy (everyone has a favorite space pirate fantasy, right?).
  • Sporty Cool – Bicycle shorts are the clothing item that has taken style lovers for a tour de fashion in 2020. Pair these booty-popping must-haves with an oversized blazer, cropped tube top, and chunky sneakers for the perfect casual going-out look.

The beauty of this trend is that it allows you to showcase your unique personality without feeling too cookie-cutter.

Matching Sets Make a Comeback

If you want to do a complete 180 from the previous trend, jump onto the matching set bandwagon that’s making a swift comeback in 2020.

To embrace this trend without neglecting your personal style, check out these fun ideas for your next fit:

  • For a casual vibe, match a tight, sleeveless cropped turtleneck tee with a high-waisted A-line skirt in the same pattern or color. Make it blue gingham for the perfect picnic date outfit. Top the look off with a cute straw hat, dangly earrings, and some loose braids.
  • If you love looking modern, pick out some flowing, high-quality slacks in a jewel tone and pair it with a matching cropped blazer with structured shoulders and minimal embellishments.
  • For a classy vibe, match tweed with even more tween—pair a gorgeous houndstooth pencil skirt with a gold-button-lined jacket that would make Jackie O and Coco Chanel swoon!
  • Rock your powerful side and don’t neglect the allure of a classic blazer that screams watch out, boys! Don’t forget the monochromatic mules for when you’re strutting down the hall looking smart and angry.

Back to the Future

2020 fashion has seen both a race to the future and a leap into history. This season is perfect for all you time-traveling tastemakers that miss the 60s, 70s, and early 2000s.

Here are some ways you can go back to the future with your fashion:

  • Embrace the muted tones and funky patterns of the 70s with deep browns, beiges, and burnt oranges. Don’t forget your chunky wooden clogs and silk neckerchief.
  • Take a trip back to the late 90s and early 2000s with bright, colorful makeup, quirky hair clips, and a fun combination of mesh, plastic, and nylon.
  • The 50s and 60s are back with retro sunnies in your fave colors, mod dresses, short hair, and chunky mascara.

The Most Timeless Trend of All

The greatest gift that 2020 has brought to fashion lovers around the globe is the trend of self-love and body positivity. So whether you’re thicc and proud, or a skinny queen, throw away that scale and ditch that diet—in today’s world, the trendiest look is the one that makes you feel good.

Now get to shopping—and wear that confidence like a crown!