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Key Things to Know About Building Regulations in the UK

If you are planning to start a construction project in the UK, you will need to know about and understand all of the regulations and standards that you must comply with. However, building regulations can be confusing and hard to grasp for the layman. This article looks at some crucial things you need to know before embarking on any building project.

Why do building regulations exist?

When you hear about building regulations in the United Kingdom, they refer to statutory requirements that cover the design as well as the construction of all kinds of structures. Building regulations are in place to guarantee the health and safety of all occupants and users of the buildings. They are also there to protect the environment.

As a building owner or project manager, you need to seek building regulations approval for the majority of the construction projects, and they include:

  • new buildings,
  • extensions (both domestic and commercial)
  • alterations
  • renovations

So, who grants building regulations approval? This is done by the local authority in the area the construction project is being implemented or by an approved inspector.

What are your obligations as a building owner?

For all building projects, the property owner must comply with all the relevant building regulations and planning rules. So, building owners have the responsibility to ensure that their buildings are structurally sound, have implemented suitable measures for fire safety, and offer access to those with disabilities.

How do you obtain building regulations approval?

To obtain building regulations approval, you need to have already obtained planning permission approval, which makes it to be sometimes referred to as the “second hurdle”. You need to submit a formal building control application to the building control body, including the following:

  • technical drawings as well as specifications
  • engineering design for the structure
  • other supporting design documents

However, because it is at this stage that the finalization of the entire project is done, the building regulations stage involves multiple areas. So, hiring experts like Humphreysandsons is the best idea.

Why consider hiring experts to handle your building regulations approval?

While you can handle the application process for the building regulations for your project yourself, there are some good reasons why it would be a good idea to get an expert to handle it for you:

They have the expertise and experience

Unbeknownst to many construction project owners, building regulations can be complicated and confusing for a non-expert in the area. Luckily, experts such as leading architectural firms have the relevant knowledge and experience to guide you through the process to avoid some costly mistakes.

They ensure compliance with the latest requirements

As with all other legislation, building regulations are regularly revised and tightened. If you’re not in the construction industry, you may not be keeping up to date with the latest developments. However, you can hire experts so your project complies with the relevant regulations and standards.

Hiring experts can help you save costs

Although you have to pay a substantial fee, hiring them can save you in the long run. They can guide you to optimize cost-saving measures with no compromises on the safety and quality of the building.

They allow you to have peace of mind

If you know your building is compliant with all the requirements and is safe for all its occupants and users, you can enjoy peace of mind.


It is essential to understand building regulations if you plan to carry out a construction project in the UK. They are in place to ensure the building is safe, energy-efficient and suitable for all users and functionally designed. Failure to secure building regulations approval before commencing your project could see you forced to demolish your structure at your loss and you may also be fined. You should consider hiring an expert for your building regulations to save costs, ensure compliance with all requirements and enjoy peace of mind.