Men's Fashion

Men’s Fashion: Style Guide for 2019 and Beyond

Everyone tries to look better, just like the stylish clothing they see on the professional dress form mannequin. As for men, they could use a little push when it comes to choosing the right attire for the occasion. Dressing fashionably helps you to express yourself and invigorate your confidence as well.

The fashionable dressing can lead to success in your personal and professional life and other areas as well. Now that fashion trends keep changing, it may feel impossible for some people to keep up with the fast-paced fashion world. But it is not hard to keep up with trends and incorporate them into your personal style even if you know nothing about the fashion industry.

Keeping Up with Men’s Fashion Styles

The flexibility and freedom to dress in style can be overwhelming. But today’s man pays detailed attention to how he dresses and surprisingly follows the new trends from vendors like Seafolly and other designers to keep up with upcoming season styles. This fashion enthusiasm has led to a boom in men’s fashion all over the world.

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Here is a style guide to help you upgrade your fashion style and keep up with the rising trends:

Remember, Dressing Up Requires Skill

Before delving into men’s fashion trends, you have to understand that dressing up is not just a routine but a skill that you can develop and master.

No one, not even the fashion icons, had a fabulous start. They had to learn, just like you are going to. Some things in fashion that are trending right now may not suit you. But you may discover a last year’s trend that is slowly fading away looks great on you. So grab it and rock your style.

Develop a Personal Style

Always identify and challenge the stories you tell yourself when it comes to style. Some stay they don’t have an eye for style and end up doing nothing about it. The negative stories bring about invisible barriers that bind you in your comfort zone.

What can you do about it? List the fashion icons or other guys whose style you admire and go in that direction. Remember you can pull it off, even if you doubt it. Just go ahead, check it out, try it out, and go for it.

Jeans Are Everlasting

A pair of jeans will never go wrong. This is because it can be worn with anything. The different designs and colours may discourage you if you are new, and that is okay. You can start with those that make you comfortable and look good on you. The safest choice can be a pair of light blue jeans with your favourite t-shirts.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are trends that you see on sewing mannequins in many stores. They offer a casual way to lighten up your outfits. You can wear it on weekends and even to work. They are simple but look great, and you can experiment with different prints.

To compliment your outfit, you can add different designs and colours of scarves or wear statement socks that match your shirt. Vertical stripes will make you appear tall and slim.

Considering Sports Apparel?

As you know, sports outfits are trending in fashion right now. So if you are happy about it, you can get your fit and walk the whole day in your favourite sweatsuit without care or worry. Get your wardrobe filled with the sports brands you love and wear a sports look or combine some outfits with casual wear. For example, you can put on light-washed jeans with a hoodie and your elegant sneakers.

Go All White

White is a great summer colour that shows off your skin. It is ideal for that sunset beach party you have been planning for or for the casual dinner in your favourite restaurant with friends. Choosing an all-white outfit makes you look great.

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You can find a perfect fit for white shorts or jeans and a t-shirt and everything will be on point. To make your outfit more interesting, look for white espadrilles which will go well with any design of long or short pants.

Try Shorts with Long-Sleeved Shirts

You have probably worn this many times already. But this time around, those shorts you have at home, pair them with a long sleeve shirt, and watch how you turn into a fashion icon. You can make your summer nights and days perfect with this simple and light combination. You can have a t-shirt under a shirt as well.

Get trendy and combine two other trends with white shorts and vertical stripes shirt that has long sleeves. Play around with designs and colours and have fun as you remain stylish.


When trying out fashion trends, it can be frustrating if you don’t have a direction. The guide above allows you to try out creative fashion options. Use the nearest store to experiment on unique looks and find out what works for you. Remember, those fashion icons you admire started from somewhere.