Men’s Guide to Packing for a Wedding Getaway

People typically fall into one of two categories: they either love destination weddings or drag their heels at the prospect of having to fly across international borders for a ceremony. 

But even those in the latter category tend to come around to the idea once they arrive at their destination. After all, taking an unexpected trip – one you didn’t plan yourself – can be a fantastic way to kick you out of your humdrum routine and force you to experience some R&R. 

The only hitch is that you have to pack accordingly. Wedding getaways are infamously tricky to pack for because they require you to fit a diverse wardrobe into a weekend bag. Packing some mens wedding shoes is also tricky because you have to look and feel your best when you’re there.

Luckily, you can pack like an expert by following the straightforward tips below. Here’s a quick men’s guide to packing for a weekend destination getaway. 

Know How to Pack a Suit

Suits are bulky. Worse yet, they are prone to unsightly wrinkles in transit. Therefore, packing a suit requires you to pay special attention to compactness and cleanliness. 

GQ advises to pop the arms in before folding the suit in half – a simple process that ensures the wrinkle-prone arms remain smooth. Other experts, like Brooks Brothers, advocate for a more involved process that includes tucking one shoulder into the other, folding the garment lengthwise, then wrapping the suit bottoms around the folded suit top. 

Either way works well, but the Brooks Brothers’ method is a little neater. 

Bring Merino Wool for Comfort and Freshness

Wedding getaways tend to be a mixture of formal events and very informal lounging around. The trick is to pack leisure clothes that don’t bulk up your suitcase – clothes that are comfortable and fresh feeling. 

Merino wool ticks all of the boxes. The ultra-fine material is soft to the touch and breathable, making it an ideal choice for hot beaches. And merino wool is naturally antibacterial, which means it stays fresh for many wears (like a week’s worth of wears, at least!). Pack a pair of merino underwear, a merino wool v-neck t-shirt and a pair of merino shorts to get you through the weekend. 

Don’t Forget the Toiletries

Most people pack a carry-on for weekend trips, and airports require you to limit the liquids in your carry-ons. In advance, pick up the following travel-sized toiletries: 

  • Toothpaste
  • Body wash 
  • Cologne (if using)
  • Deodorant (to be safe)
  • Shampoo (if you don’t trust hotel shampoos)

Toiletries play an essential role at formal events – especially formal events in hot weather. You don’t want to get caught without deodorant and toothpaste heading to your friend’s big day. 

Pack Sun Protection

You don’t want to be the guy that lumbers into the wedding ceremony looking like an overcooked lobster. Not only will you be uncomfortable nursing a sunburn in a fitted suit, but the wedding cameras will immortalize your sunburn for you. 

All that’s to say: remember to pack sun protection. Figure out your ideal SPF and grab a tube of sunscreen for the trip. Pack a hat and – if you feel it’s necessary – a breathable long-sleeve merino shirt.  

Other than the tips above, remember to pack a rehearsal suit (if you’re part of the wedding party) and an appropriate pair of open-toed footwear for days on the beach.