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How Hair Salons in Florida are Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Getting your hair done during a pandemic can seem like a risky task that many people are afraid of doing. With social distancing, it is extremely difficult to go to a salon or barbershop without breaking the six-foot rule.

Many people have missed the simple services such as getting a haircut and dying your roots. All salons have been shut down temporarily to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since the reopening of salons, clients have been excited to rush through the doors and have their hair done by their favorite stylists. While going to a hair salon amid the pandemic can make it less enjoyable than how it used to be, it is completely safe. It is time to look up a hair salon near me since everyone is following protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

Sanitation protocols for hair salons

Hair salons have to take extra steps to make sure that they are reopening safely and welcoming all of their customers back with open arms.

Step 1: Meet with all the staff

Before opening the hair salon, owners must have a meeting with all employees to go over new procedures. It is important to remind employees that if they are experiencing any symptoms that they need to stay home.

Getting all of the employees a COVID-19 test is also a step that every hair salon owner must include in the process.

Step 2: Take everyone’s temperature before entering

Use a contactless thermometer to measure everyone’s temperature, including the employees. This step will ensure that anyone who walks into the hair salon is not symptomatic.

Step 3: Wearing a facial mask is required

Wearing a facial mask must be mandatory for everyone who enters the hair salon. Your employees are also required to wear a mask to protect themselves, as well as others.

Step 4: Communicate with the customers

Customers will not know the rules of reopening a hair salon such as making a face mask required to wear and taking their temperature before going inside. It is important to inform the customers of the new protocols to ensure that they know you are keeping them protected.

You can take an extra step and ask your customers to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire before their appointment to make sure they are not experiencing any symptoms. It is recommended to eliminate the waiting room area and have clients wait in the car until the stylist is ready.

Step 5: Sanitize and wash hands after each client

Once the customer is done with their visit, you must sanitize the chair and the equipment used during the appointment, as well as washing the hands with soap and water.

Employees are also required to change gloves between each client to avoid cross contamination. You should also aware that can nitrile gloves be recycled for your clients safety.

Step 6: Add face shield for the staff

Your employees are standing closer than 6 feet to every customer in order to do the best job styling their hair. A face shield will protect your staff and clients who are in close contact with each other.