Poster Advertising: Where to Place Posters for Maximum Effectiveness

Poster-making has a fascinating history

From black-and-white broadsides to artistic posters popularized by Jules Chéret and the modern ones used for advertising, poster-making has come a long way. These days, you don’t even have to go to a print shop if you only need a couple of posters. Just open any painting or drawing app on your PC or laptop, use a template if you want, tweak the design to suit your needs, and print it using your home printer.

Of course, it’s a different matter if it’s poster advertising. You may want to consult a graphic designer and think about placement for your poster. That said, if you’re already good on the design front, here’s a list of the best locations for your business poster.

Coffee Shops And The Like

Restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops are great places to hang flyers for business. These establishments often have bulletin boards for advertising purposes. However, you should still ask permission before pinning your poster or flyer, or brochure on a public bulletin board. 

Other poster spots to consider are bathroom stalls, indoor walls, and doors. Tip: Your poster campaign will be more effective if you align your ads with your buyer persona. That means if you’re targeting students, maybe a five-star hotel isn’t the best place to hang your advertising materials.

Community Centers

Consider multifunctional spaces like community centers for your poster display to reach a wider audience. 

Since a community center can accommodate all kinds of people (e.g., fitness enthusiasts, gamers, music lovers, etc.), be sure to place your posters in areas where they’ll likely attract more eyeballs. These include doors, walls, and so on. 

Again, don’t forget to check with the community center staff or manager if they’re okay with you hanging your posters.


Fairs, trade shows, and seminars may not be locations per se, but collaborating with their organizers is one of the most effective business advertising techniques entrepreneurs need to know. 

Especially for B2B companies, hanging your posters in an event space is an excellent way to reach a niche market. Now, some might require a fee, but it’s a good investment if the event will attract your target audience. 

If it’s your first time making posters for an event, working with a designer will make the process easier. You can also use a poster maker that offers free templates, but don’t forget to ask your family and friends to critique your design before heading to a printer.

Will Your Poster Advertising Campaign Be Successful?

All advertising strategies, including poster advertising, are worth trying if you want to reach your target customers.

You can start by putting your posters in the locations we’ve listed here, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these places. Just be sure to ask permission before hanging any advertising material in a commercial establishment or public place. 

For more tips and advice on making your poster campaigns more successful, be sure to do your research. Or you can also browse our site for more advertising tips and advice.