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Effects of Going to Bed Hungry

Effects of going to bed hungry

Going to be bed hungry results in loss of sleep or poor quality for that matter. Hunger pains do also keep the brain alert keeping you awake most of the night. The lack of adequate sleep will then lower your metabolism and boosts levels of the ghrelin hormone that raises appetite levels. If this becomes consistent it then leads to weight gain. Not only does it make you overweight, but as the severe sleep loss becomes more rampant your immune system is compromised and you become prone to other chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart-related illness. Many correlating factors are interconnected from sleeping hungry. It is therefore important to learn the effects and be able to avoid this risky behavior. Below are some of them.


Everyone has gone through this phase due to lack of sleep. Either as a baby or an adult. This is such a horrible mood to be in especially when you have to go to work or school. It leads to the inability to control your emotions, less productivity, and fatigue. The dangerous mood swings that are attached to the effects of going to bed hungry and possibly missing breakfast. Make you a downright Scrooge. Your behavior regulating hormone, serotonin, fluctuates up and down when you are hungry. Then it affects a part of your brain that controls emotions. Hence, one of the reasons to have something in your stomach at night.

Less sleep

This is an obvious effect, especially since there is part of your body not functioning and it triggers your brain as a reminder for you to eat. Other people do feel cold and have shivering episodes. This is if you have nothing to eat by all means. As a result, you tend to toss and turn in your sleep number bed. However, even when you fall asleep it is in short spans since the brain is alert.

Additionally, this effect can lead to other negative effects such as increased appetite, poor immune system making you be at risk of getting diabetes among other chronic illnesses. Have a sleep routine for less sleep never looks good on anyone. Plus, quality and quantity of sleep are a boost to your general health.

Weight gain

Do not count on sleeping hungry as a great tip for weight loss. This is plan will backfire heavily on you. There is no accomplishment to sleeping hungry. Since feeling starved leads to constant feelings of binge eating. This worsens as you become extremely hungry causing you to binge on unhealthy meals later on in early morning hours. This is bad for your metabolism the next day for you have shifted your routine. Have you been wondering why you have protruding belly fat? This could be as a result of binge eating due to sleeping hungry. Have a fruit, a handful of nuts as a night snack other than a whole meal.

Low energy levels

If you find yourself constantly yawning at school or work. It is a sign of fatigue and a sign that you have less energy. Food is the fuel that gives our body energy. Therefore, sleeping hungry just lower your energy levels. After which you have a cup of coffee for breakfast as you run late. By mid-morning you will be fatigued, hungry, irritable and sleepy for lack of adequate sleep the previous night. To add on, depletion of these energy levels can be boost by having a protein shake at night or a small bite to maintain the body’s resting energy while asleep. Plus, to give you a less fatigued morning when you wake up.

Loss of muscle mass

Unless you are losing muscle naturally due to old age. It is not unhealthy to lose muscle mass while you sleep. While it is due to a habit that has stuck over time of sleeping hungry. Additionally, if you aim to build muscle as you lift weights in the gym. Sleeping hungry is reversing all your efforts since it promotes muscle mass loss. The main reason is that you have nutrients to convert protein to muscle and so the body does the opposite and breaks down muscle mass instead. Have a munch before bed that is enough to take you through the night and not too much to make you uncomfortable. And allow your body to recover as it repairs and builds muscle.

Worsening sleep disorders

If you have any kind of chronic sleep disorders their severity increases. For instance, people who are suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome among other sleep disorders. Their symptoms tend to become worse and they become weaker as sleep fatigue catches up with them in the morning. This is not for those with sleep disorders alone. Individuals who have as much as a headache to a condition they have to take medicine. They should have something to eat to have the strength to heal better. This effect can be extreme if you are not cautious about eating before sleeping. If it is a challenge to prepare a meal at dinner due to illness or sleep disorder symptoms. Have your meals prepped for you or have snacks you have before sleeping.

Ultimately, you require energy to sleep and the energy comes from food. Therefore, sleeping hungry affects the necessary energy levels required to sleep well at night. In the same token, others claim that they had late lunch they can make it through the night. Well, this will not work out well. Ensure you snack even after having late lunch or re-arrange your meal routine to ensure you can sleep on a full stomach. Pick a light snack before bedtime to help you sleep well without adding any weight. Consulting a nutritionist will also help you learn how to eat right according to your daily routine. For people live different lives and some could be having certain limitations or habits that they are unable to learn how to eat for proper sleep and overall well-being.