Men's Fashion

Programmers’ Fashion | Men’s Edition

Fashion is a subjective aspect of one’s personality. Thus, whatever interests you in life, wearing and looking the best version of yourself is always a holistic factor to live to the fullest.

Programmers, software engineers, and all other IT experts who spend most of their time facing computers, gadgets, and programming devices commonly wear ordinary working clothes as they work from back-of-the-office. However, this should not be the staple trend. Programmers can also have fun with their style if they choose to.

Custom Hoodies

We all know that one of the favorite pieces of clothing for most programmers is a hoodie. It is comfortable, easy to work in, and keeps you warm and cozy. However, it can get a bit boring. And that’s where custom-printed hoodies come in.

With a few clicks, you can create a hoodie with fun text or logo, or any image. For example, a hoodie with your favorite gaming pun or a joke only programmers will understand. It is the perfect way to geek out and use your creativity.

Printed Personalized T-shirts

Don’t stop with hoodies. Add to your list of custom-made clothing personalized t-shirts as well. Use the same tactics – print something funny, an inside joke, or just an excerpt of code from your favorite programming language. You can also not be limited by your profession – use this opportunity to express your creativity or personality outside work! Print something on your t-shirt that you just enjoy, for example, an inspirational quote. Don’t be shy – as a programmer, you can really take advantage of the fact that very rarely you are asked to follow a strict dress code.

A Smart Look for a Meeting

There is that one moment when you need to set aside your t-shirts and hoodies and reach for a smarter look – a meeting with a new and important client. But don’t you worry, even though a shirt and smart pants are not the most comfortable, they can give you a put-together look and leave the right impression. And after the meeting, you can easily slip into your comfy programming outfit like nothing ever happened.

For this kind of situation keep in your closet a few shirts – preferably white or light blue, because these colors will go with everything and make you look put together and professional. Pants don’t have to be tailored or out of your suit combo. If your company is not very strict, you can even wear dark blue jeans or more casual pants as long as you pair them with a crisp shirt.
If possible, leave the sneakers at home and slip into more smart-looking shoes. If that’s not an option, make sure your sneakers are dark blue or black and are clean and looking fresh.


As a programmer, you can get away with wearing really fun and cozy items – take advantage of that! But you don’t have to be dull, you can spice up your wardrobe with fun custom-made pieces. A custom printed hoodie or t-shirt is also a fun gift for your programmer friend or colleague. She or he will definitely appreciate it.