How to Organise Your Clothes

Organising your wardrobe. Sounds simple, yet it can have a profoundly positive impact on daily life. From having clear categories for any occasion to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of color coordination – there are endless benefits of having a well-organised wardrobe.

In this article, we share some valuable tips and tricks to help you get started.

The importance of having an organised wardrobe 

It’s been scientifically proven that clutter has a negative impact on our mental health and overall well-being – with psychology studies revealing it can limit productivity, increase stress levels, and lead to unhealthy habits. That’s why organising our closet space is significantly important. It can speed up decision making when looking for something to wear, while the tidy interior of our wardrobe space can add to a stress-free mindset when it comes to getting dressed each morning.

By season

One way to categorise our closets is by season. You may find it helpful to split your clothing into two piles: a summer wardrobe and a winter one. This creates more space so that you only have the items of clothing suitable for current weather conditions – saving lots of time sifting through various unnecessary garments! One of the easiest solutions to this approach is opting for fitted wardrobes with designated sections that separate your winter and summer clothing.

By occasion 

If you’re not someone who fully follows the rules of a traditional seasonal wardrobe, and you like to mix your outfits whatever the weather, then categorising your wardrobe by occasion could be the perfect option for you. This can save you bundles of time when it comes to finding what to wear as you aren’t scrambling through casual wear to get to your partywear! Here are a few occasions you could section your closet into:

  – Workwear
  – Casual clothing
  – Partywear / events

By colour/garment type

If pleasing visuals keep you calm and collected, categorising your wardrobe by colour is a perfect go-to for your home set-up. Colour gradients are one way to transition the colours and patterns in your closet – similar to a rainbow all items of clothing flow seamlessly from one hue to the next. 

You can also divide up your wardrobe by garment type. For instance, having all of your coats and jackets in one area, then jumpers in the next, followed by shirts, tops, and vests. This makes it quick and easy to locate specific items.