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Roti For Wraps and Rolls

These days, wraps and rolls are the new talk of the town! They make an ideal meal. When it comes to wraps and rolls, you can stuff them with practically anything and everything that you want to. Normally, the ones that you buy from the market are stuffed with both Maida and wheat flour. However, this is unhealthy. Therefore, being a health-conscious freak, you want to know if it’s possible to prepare wraps and rolls with wheat flour.

Of course, it is possible, only if you know how to prepare it. Here is a recipe for preparing wraps and rolls out of chapati. The wheat flour in it gives it a rustic taste and makes the meal healthy too. By the way, wraps and rolls are considered a complete food. You may find it hard to master the size of the roti initially. Again, with lots and lots of practice and effort, you can achieve the desired size as you want.

The roll can be made perfectly if you have the famous rotimatic roti maker in your kitchen. You can use this device and make rotis in minutes without putting an extra effort.

Let’s get into the making of wraps and rolls

Recipe for roti

Here you are given the guidance to make four rotis. The following are the details of preparation:

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 8 minutes
  • Total time required: 13 minutes


For the roti, you will need the following items:

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • Salt to taste
  • 1½ tablespoon oil
  • Two tablespoon oil for cooking
  • Whole wheat flour for rolling

Method of preparation

  1. For making the roti, add wheat flour, a pinch of salt, and one tablespoon of oil in a bowl and mix it thoroughly. Knead the mixture into a soft dough. Do not forget to add sufficient water into the dough to make it softer. Once the dough has been set, keep it aside for 15 minutes.
  2. With the remaining ½ tablespoon of oil, knead the dough unless and until it appears elastic and smooth.
  3. Now divide the dough into four equal portions and roll them out into a thin circle of 9-inch diameter each. If you see the dough is too sticky, you can use a little bit of flour for smooth rolling of the dough in your hands.
  4. Next, place a non-stick frying pan on the oven and turn on the gas. Heat the pan on a high flame. Place the roti gently on the frying pan when the pan is hot.
  5. Turn each side of the roti and see if the small blisters appear on both sides. Turn the roti over and press all the sides of the roti lightly with the help of a soft muslin cloth until it puffs up.
  6. Add ½ tablespoon oil on the frypan and cook the roti for few more minutes.
  7. Repeat this process with the remaining three other dough balls to make three more rotis.

[Note: If you feel too lazy to knead the dough and make the roti, you can make use of a roti maker as well. The results will be the same.]

Variations of roti

Rotis need not be always just with the same old wheat flour and salt. If you are creative enough, you can bring variations to it as well. As of now, here you can get the easy recipe of two different variations. They are:

  • Spinach roti
  • Soya roti

For spinach roti, you have to add ¼ cup of spinach puree at the very first step and then knead the dough. The rest of the procedure is the same as that mentioned above.
In the case of soya roti, add three tablespoons of soy flour along with the wheat flour and then knead the dough. Again, the remaining process is the same as mentioned above. On checking some best rotimatic reviews you can find how to use it for making perfect rotis which is very tasty if you try it as wrap and roll

How to make rotis for wraps and rolls?

Step 1

Take a bowl and add flour to it. The quantity of flour will depend on the number of rotis that you want to make. Normally, most households use whole wheat flour. But you can also use Maida and flour in 50-50 quantity. However, the whole wheat flour makes the roti healthier.

Step 2

If you want the roti soft, add one tablespoon of oil to the flour. You can also add ghee to it.

Step 3

Next, add a pinch of salt to the mixture. The taste of salt is according to your liking. If you want, you can avoid the salt.

Step 4

Now, little by little, add water into the mixture. Adding lukewarm water into the mixture will make the roti softer.

Step 5

Use your hands and mix it well. Gather the flour from all sides of the bowl. If the dough seems too floury, add more water too it and then mix it well.

Step 6

Once your dough is ready, apply a little oil on the surface of the dough so that it doesn’t dry out. Cover the dough with a muslin cloth and keep it aside.