Social Media Marketing Tips from Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media platforms have as many as over 3 billion active users globally, which explains why businesses can ignore social marketing only at their own peril. It is important to have a strategic and consistent approach towards social media marketing and have high ROI. However, few businesses actually manage to achieve success with marketing efforts on social media platforms. Gary Vaynerchuk has managed this quite easily, and has taken his 3 million USD worth family wine business to more than a 60 million USD earning venture, mainly with the help of YouTube. At the same time, he has become one of the largest influencers in the world today. He is now the owner of Wine Library TV, a channel dedicated to wine, and the marketing agency VaynerMedia. Here are some of his social media marketing tips for every entrepreneur out there and if you wanna promote your social media you can visit Social Media Panel.

1. Plan like a media agency

This needs you to put out all the important content that will entertain or inform your audience. You may try to be active in sharing audio clips, quotes, articles and informational videos for people across various top social media websites, like Vaynerchuk himself. Or you can imitate the posts on lifestyle, fashion and beauty a la Kim Kardashian. You will be able to get a very engaged audience base that will be ready to purchase your products as soon as you launch them.

Often, business owners post only about their services or products. This is a big mistake. However, to think and act like a media agency, you need to create content which is relevant as well as creative. It does not always have to be too promotional in tone.

2. Repurpose content in creative ways

You can have videos, keynotes and other long-form content separated into small bits of content that may be shared across various platforms. It is possible to repurpose keynotes into multiple social media content pieces that can help you to get millions of views for your brand. As an entrepreneur, you will be hard pressed for time to create high quality content that can be made viral. However, through repurposing content, you can save efforts and time.

3. Offer things of value

To get things in return, you have to first provide your customers with something that is valuable to them. You can offer value to your customers through the content that you put out there through podcasts, social media accounts, blog etc. It can help you a lot in growing your own following, build a relationship of trust with the audience and establish your own authority by consistently offering valuable stuffs.

4. Maintain honesty

Honesty pays big time on social media platforms where generic or fake stuffs can be caught in a jiffy. Even if you manage to fool some people some of the time or all of them sometimes, it is impossible to hoodwink everybody all the time – as a famous saying goes. It is better to stay authentic. On social media platforms, you can feel pressurized to compete and give something better and bigger to your audience each and every time. You might feel like showing major achievements in your life and workplace to show yourself as hugely successful, but that might hardly be the case at all times. It is important to have an understanding of your brand and remain honest to it. You should be dedicated towards making honest efforts, and try to show what makes your brand outstanding from the others.

5. Hustle more than competitors

Vaynerchuk is known for hustling, and you can too. As an entrepreneur, you cannot control everything on social media and business. However, you can actually put in enough time and effort in the creation and distribution of content across various platforms and have a daily engagement with other users on social media websites. If you are ready to hustle, you can be assured of success.

6. Begin a B2B Podcast

According to Vaynerchuk, podcasts are excellent mediums for the B2B community to grab the attention of the audience. He says that passive audio content can help entrepreneurs own the attention of the intended audience, and it can be consumed more and more by a ready audience. With good podcasts, you can make decent money.

7. Reply to messages and comments

Some influencers get an overwhelming volume of messages and comments. When you get messages and comments, these can act as a wonderful and more natural feedback form. When you reply to these, it can be a customer service on your part. Over time, your replies to the audience can earn you a sizable social media fan following.


As an entrepreneur, you need to have a proper vision with your social media marketing efforts and stay committed to it. Your campaigns should be aligned to your long-term objectives about branding on social platforms. As Gary Vaynerchuk maintains, there would be distractions, but you should not stray from your vision.