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The Beauty of Dip Powder

The look of freshly manicured nails can be one of the most satisfying things in the world of beauty. Not only do you feel like a pampered princess getting a manicure, a professional salon manicure keeps your nails healthy. Traditional lacquers and polishes, gel manicures, acrylics, and dip powders are the main methods employed in today’s salons. The dip powder manicure is the newer technique, and we’d like to explore and explain the nuances of this healthy methodology and scientific advancement.

A dip powder manicure is applied generally with these steps:

1. The Preparation

Before the dip manicure begins, be sure the nail is in tip top condition, this means the nail plate is free of any dirt and oil, and the fingernail is neatly trimmed with the cuticle pushed back.

2. Apply the bonder

Once the nail has been freshly cleaned and prepped, the nail professional will then apply a bonder so the powder can easily unite itself to the nail plate and reduce the chances of any lifting occurring.  Some products like SNS are pre-bonded so this step is conveniently eliminated.

3. Next Comes the Bases, Powders and a Sealer

The base is then brushed on the nail in the same way a polish is applied, simply going one nail at a time until every nail is covered.  The nail is then dipped into the fine powder followed by an activator also known as a sealer.

4. Finally a Topcoat

When everything is said and done you will wait a total of five whole minutes and then watch everything shine with a topcoat. If you want, you can shape and file your nail as desired from here for a perfect finish.

Bye UV Lights

Dip powdered nails require no curing with UV lights. Once the dip powdered nails are finished, you simply apply a topcoat. You don’t need to sacrifice your health for beauty. It is also important to note that some dipping powder systems such as SNS Nails Gelous Colors are full of nutrients like vitamins A, E, D, E and B5 and they even have calcium to ensure your nail is getting stronger while the powder sits on top of it. Instead of causing harm over time, your nails are nourished over time. The benefits of having flawlessly done nails knowing they are being healed in the meantime is such a good feeling for anyone.

Remarkably Durable

One of the best benefits of powdered nails is how durable they are. The application of many coats with the adhesive, and the natural materials with the organically produced powders make this manicure the strongest of them all. Dipped nails resist cracking and can even last over two weeks. SNS Nails are what most people know to be dipped nails in general. SNS is a treasured favorite, due to their fine grained powders and high quality ingredients. They have become the gold standard for dip powder.

Bigger Benefits

The benefits of dipped nails go much deeper. Your nose will thank you because the powder used in all standard dips are odor-free. What can also be appealing to this manicure is how easy it is to apply. How many times have we spent hours trying to make our nails look perfect, only to continually dab color around our nail and onto our finger? The dipping process ensures you won’t spend an entire night on your nails only to end up disappointed.

Dip powder solves many problems and brings about convenience, durability, and brilliant color. It is odorless, contains no harmful chemicals nor requires UV lighting.  It enriches your nails with vitamins, and it lasts longer than any conventional manicure on the market today. There is a reason this is trending and here to stay, so make sure you get on board quickly.