The Best Sneaker Collaborations of 2019

Some shoes are incredibly hard to come by. You will have to pay a pretty penny if you want to get your hands on some Adidas discontinued sneakers or a hot new pair of Puma Fenty. You may have an even harder time expanding your collection if you are on the hunt for the hottest sneaker collaborations of the last year. 2019 was filled with high-profile brands working with celebrities or other shoe companies to create wholly unique sneakers. These are some of the best you could have gotten in 2019.

Bodega x New Balance 997S “No Days Off”

New Balance and Bodega have worked a long time together. They consistently put out amazing collaborations, and their work in 2019 was no different. The “No Days Off” 997S was a revelation as it was specifically designed to be worn. So many shoes simply sit on a shelf until they’re covered with dust. These sneakers encouraged you to wear them out on the town, so everyone knew you understood good style when you saw it.

Gyakusou x Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo

There is a real cult following behind the Gyakusou line of sneakers. These shoes are more known for their performance capabilities than they style, but that changed once the company teamed up with Nike. The 2019 edition features a fun design and amazingly resilient materials. It also comes with a toggle lacing system to separate it from all of the other shoes you see on the store shelves. These sneakers did not draw a lot of attention when they were released, so you may still be able to find some.

Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Air VaporMax 2019

This Nike and VaporMax creation will be instantly recognizable to people who are familiar with the brand’s CPFM creations. There are a lot of features to take note of, particularly the three-dimensional prints. These shoes also stand out because they were specifically created for women. It is not just guys who can get in the fun now of shoe collecting. These sneakers were coveted by people of all genders in 2019, and they are bound to continue being a hot item going into 2020.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1

Travis Scott broke out in a big way in the music scene over the last few years. Now, he has earned the unique distinction of having his own line of Air Jordans. This shoe is instantly iconic, bringing back the Air Jordan swoosh near the base. It also comes with a stash pocket located around the collar. As soon as you get your hands on these shoes, you will definitely want to take a picture to post on Instagram to break the internet.

Whether you want the hottest collaborations or some practical Puma sneakers on sale, you can find all this and more from a reputable online sneaker shop. Start looking today to see what sneakers, athletics and boots are currently available. You never know when you will find the perfect pair of shoes to add to your collection.