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3 Latest Devices That Will Help Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Home

The 21st century is the century of smart living. One cursory look around and you’ll find that the “Smart” prefix has taken over almost every aspect of our lives.

Let’s start with the palm of your hand, your phone is smart and you would not have it any other way, right? Now move to your garage, your car has several smart features and if you are rich enough it can probably even drive itself.

Look to the sky and you’ll find Artificially Intelligent Drones. Even our cities are now termed smart cities owing to gadgets like motion-tracking traffic cameras and facial recognition security technology.

Now that we have established that “Smart Technologies” have taken over our lives, the question arises, why is your brick-and-mortar home still dumb?

Especially when there is such a wide array of smart devices available to homeowners at extremely economical rates.

From automatic light switches to smart thermostats to security systems that are smart enough to deactivate themselves when you are nearby, there is a smart gadget directed towards making each aspect of your domestic life.

In addition to introducing comfort and convenience to your lives, smart gadgets make financial sense as well. It is a well-recorded fact that homeowners with smart security systems installed have to pay lower premiums.

Moreover, smart devices, if you choose not to pull them off your walls, will help increase the market price of your home when deciding to sell.

And lastly, even though this sounds superficial, smart gadgets also adorn your house. Because in modern times decorating your house with garden gnomes or marble horse statues or even artistic masterpieces etched on bronze, will simply not cut it.

These are things of the past. Now people look at if you can verbally command your stereo or your coffee machine. So, if you still have not invested in automation technology to improve your home, it’s about time that you read the writing on the wall and caught up to the times.

But before I start giving out advice on how what some of the latest home automation gadgets you should invest in, I must re-assert the centrality of a reliable and fast-paced internet connection to the smooth functioning of your home automation gadgets.

If you are living in the big city there are dozens of internet service providers you can choose from but those living in more remote, suburban, or rural areas should always choose to go with high-tech satellite internet providers like HughesNet Internet because your smart devices will simply not run on a slug-paced Dial-Up Lines (DSL) connection.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s take a deep dive into smart living.


Arlo Camera Pro 4 represents the latest advancements in home monitoring and security technology. The compact camera is jam-packed with cutting-edge features like motion detection, colored night vision, image tracking, and an in-built sport light.

In simple terms, this means that the smart camera will not only spot any intruder but will also follow them around, zoom in on their face, even though in a spotlight at them, and not just during the day.

The camera will perform all these functions and record 2K video pretty accurately at night as well, right when you need it the most.

Moreover, despite its small size the camera is highly resistant to extreme weather events so you do need to worry about covering it up.

And lastly, the camera carries an alarm making it a complete home security hub instead of being just one facet of home security.

The best part is the cost. A set of two of these top-notch cameras costs would-be buyers a mere 150 Dollars, not a steep price considering the features and the money it will help you save on home insurance.


Unlike the last device on the list, the Capstone Touch Mirror is not a home security device, instead, it lies on the other side of the home automation spectrum. As the name suggests it’s an extremely thin mirror that acts as a smart screen.

The magic mirror has an Android OS installed on it which gives you access to everything on the app store.

So, you can watch your favorite movie on Netflix while you comb your hair. And yes, the mirror has pretty decent speakers so you do not have to worry about the audio at all.

In addition to in-built access to the android apps, the mirror also acts as a screen mirror so that you can project your android and apple phone on it as well, pretty nifty right?

The mirror, being a luxury device is a little on the pricey side. It costs users anywhere between 800 to 1000 Dollars depending on the model.

But if you want the privilege of talking to the “mirror mirror on the wall” and asking it questions beyond, ‘whose fairest of them all,” this is a price worth paying.


This is perhaps the most useful device on the list, and yes, I am not worried about being biased. Amazon’s smart plug can turn any traditional remote-controlled (dumb device) into a smart gadget.

Just insert the smart plug into a socket and plug in any device that you want to be converted to smart mode. You can also use connect devices to your smart plug using a Bluetooth connection.

This smart plug which will cost you under 30 Dollars will help convert everything ranging from your lights, fans, and thermostat to your TV and Coffee machine into a smart device. It goes without saying that buying a cheap plug instead of replacing your old devices with smart ones is a financially wise decision.

Moreover, the plug integrates naturally with Amazon’s Alexa and Echo Speakers so you can easily voice control all the devices connected to your plug.


If you are a 21st-century homeowner and have still not integrated smart gadgets into your living experience you are losing out and that too by a margin. Smart devices not only make your living more comfortable but also help increase their market price.