The Power of Corporate Clothing: Why Business Leaders Can’t Ignore Fashion

It’s an exciting time to be part of the business world, but excitement doesn’t mean easy: competition is rife, and you can’t relax for a second. Any Australian business leader can tell you this and in a corporate hub like Sydney you need to pull out all the stops to make your mark.

You can invest in various aspects of your business, from educating staff to upgrading your equipment. While good marketing gimmicks like planning entertaining corporate events or offering incentives like bonus za rejestrację bez depozytu (a no deposit bonus) in games can improve your public image.  But we want to remind you of an effective and relatively easy—even cost friendly—way to improve your public image.

And we all know that public image is a huge role player in obtaining loyalty from clients or suppliers.

So, when last did you consider the business attire Sydney’s consumers see your employees in every day? Their long term value is why your competition invested so much into buying corporate polo shirts for all the staff last month. Isn’t it time you benefit from corporate uniforms too?

How Does Clothing Affect Your Business Image?

Don’t underestimate the power of clothing. Every piece of clothing your employees wear—whether they work on your premises or off site—can help or hinder your company reach its goals.

Sound like a too elaborate statement? Consider the following.

Clothing Communicates Your Values

A good marketing campaign aims to share a company’s values with its audience. This includes customers, suppliers, partners and even the employees themselves. Everyone must be aware of your values because:

  • Employees must align their decisions with what you view as important
  • Clients tend to be loyal to businesses that carry the same values as they do
  • Suppliers and business partners want to join forces with entities that they can trust to pursue the same values they have, so there is less risk of being embarrassed by each other’s actions

A common—but very important—value that many businesses proclaim to live by is ‘professionalism’. And what better way to display this value than presenting neat employees on your warehouse floor, in your office or on the work site?

Studies claim that when people meet, we tend to compile first impressions within seconds of meeting. If you want others to have a positive feeling about you and since not many words are exchanged in such a short period, you need to use every tool possible to show others what you’re all about. Visual impulses are processed very quickly by the human brain, making clothing an effective tool in communicating your message.

Prove You’re Not Outdated

We’ve established that what you wear tends to affect how people see you. Now, apart from your company values, you also need to show your audience that you’re at the forefront of your industry. Wearing outdated clothing won’t send that message at all.

You can use the latest equipment and technology, but if your workers’ outfits follow a style of 20 years ago, it’s possible customers will think everything in your business dates back to that time.

Can you risk making such a first impression?

It’s Marketing!

Think of your corporate clothing as a marketing medium. Your logo, slogan and colours are shown wherever your workers move around town.

It can Inspire

Your workers’ productivity is determined—for a large part—by their state of mind.

You can’t manage everything about their thoughts or feelings, but have you considered how an outfit can help?

  • A stunning outfit feels good to wear, often putting people in a better mood
  • They’ll be proud to wear fashionable, good looking clothing and being proud can spark more loyalty to the brand they work for
  • When they feel comfortable they will be more effective in performing their tasks

Did you ever think clothing can be this powerful?

Picking the Right Corporate Clothing

It’s clear that with corporate uniforms Sydney workers can make a huge impact on their companies’ behalf as they move through town. But to make the RIGHT kind of impact, you need to pick the right outfits.

Talk it over with a fashion expert or the company making your corporate polo shirts that will have you outshine the competition when it comes to attire. Expert fashion opinions can help you make the best long-term decisions:

  • Pick a fashionable look so your team doesn’t look outdated. Clients trust companies who move with the times because they believe they’ll get the benefit of the latest technology, innovation and business ideas.
  • Use quality fabrics that won’t cause your team discomfort. They won’t perform well if material scratches them or they feel hot all day. It’s worth budgeting a little more and paying for quality.
  • You should also invest in high quality fabric products that will look good for a long time. If fabric loses its colour quickly or starts deteriorating, your customers will think you don’t care about looking professional.

Ready to Dress for Success?

While you’re getting ready to make an impact in Sydney’s business scene in 2020, is there space in your budget for new outfits for your team? Now you know it’s important!