Timeless Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

The year 2020 has been tough in the fashion industry – with many people globally being advised to stay at home and limit movement because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Clothing and fashion may have been the least thing you can think of. Many say that social distancing and wearing face masks are the new normal. For us fashionista’s, we cannot let this pandemic stop us from expressing our fab styles! You can always be chic and trendy while wearing your custom face mask. It’s a few months now before the year ends, and most of us are now coping with the “new normal” trend. if you have some unworn summer outfits, it’s never too late to still wear it this fall season. 

No matter how much we long for summer, all good things have got to end at some point. Now that fall is here, and we ought to wear clothes that are more cozy and comfy than the last season. But don’t shove your summer essentials at the back of your closet just yet, because there are still lots of ways on how you can rock your favorite sunny outfits this fall! 

That’s right! Even if the leaves are changing and the wind is getting cooler, you can still wear your favorite summer OOTDs. You can always repurpose your outfits from the last season and make an impressive transition in a zippy.

If you’re in need of fall-inspired wardrobes, you are on the right track by reading this article. You’ll find many fall-meets summer-fashion inspirations courtesy of your beloved fashion icons. Also, these tips can help you rock your summer outfits this autumn, so make sure to take notes!

Pair Light-colored Pieces with Dark Articles of Clothing

During warmer seasons, we tend to go for lighter colors and materials. However, when it comes to autumn fashion, we lean towards darker shades and heavier ensembles. To extend your summer essentials this season, mix in your dark ensemble with a light-colored item. The contrast will give you a sweet yet surprisingly chic OOTD. 

Don Your Short Shorts with Tights

Think your shorts are only cool for the summer? Wait till you get to see how cool they can look when paired with a good pair of tights. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear your denim, cotton or leather shorts. Just match it up with black tights, a comfy top and a good pair of shoes for a look that’s fun, easy and well-put together.

Wear Your Tights Underneath 

Summer dresses can come in different prints, styles, and cuts. When wearing business suits, choose tights that are neutral in color, have no prints and patterns and has a smooth and matte design. For casual dresses, harmony is the key when pairing your outfit with different tight hues. Black is the crowd’s favorite as they can look good with just about any dress, no matter the color, length, design or pattern.

Sweat it with a Sweater

The easiest and fool-proof way of rocking your summer outfit this fall is by simply wearing a sweet and cozy sweater. Wear one over your summer dress, pair it with your shorts and tights or don it with your skirt any way you want. Oversized sweaters work well with skinny jeans too.

Or Match Your Clothes with a Cool Blazer

Blazers are part of our go-to style when it comes to an everyday office look. You can wear your essentials for the summer like a light-colored peplum top and a pair of well-tailored pants and heels with a crisp blazer. For casual days, strapless dresses or sleeveless tops can instantly look chic with a fitted blazer or a loose cardigan.

Wear Scarves with Just About Everything 

Scarves are pieces of fabric that you can wrap around your neck, shoulders, and body. These provide not only protection from the sun but also provides warmth – which is the reason why scarves are always hot during the cold season. You can mix and match your summer OOTDs with a scarf since they come in different styles and materials. The thicker and the more texture the scarf has, the better in keeping you warm and your outfit cool for the fall.

Pair Boots and Dresses

Yup, maxi dresses are still hot this season, as long as you pair them with a good old pair of boots to keep your feet warm. For a cute cold-weather vibe, wear your favorite maxi dress with combat boots. For shorter dresses, pair it with ankle boots. Want to rock a chic boho style? Wear your boots and clothing in a long sweater.

Wear Off-shoulders with Jeans and Boots

Off-shoulders are always a head-turner, and if you’re not ready to let go of your favorite off-shoulder top just yet, you can always extend its stay in your wardrobe this fall. Sweaters and jackets are tricky to pair with shoulder-revealing tops. Opt for skinny jeans, a good pair of ankle boots and a cute scarf.

Wear Loose Top Tanks with a Plaid Shirts

Loose shirts are a staple during the summer because they are comfortable and easy to pair with anything. During the Fall season, you can wear it under an open plaid shirt for a laidback look. Finish it off with a hat, your favorite denim jeans, and combat boots.

Leather it Up

Leather jackets make any ensemble look fierce and ideal for the autumn weather. While the leaves change in color and the weather goes a lot colder, a leather jacket can give you warmth while giving your outfit a cool and trendy look. You can match this up with your go-to summer dresses, tank tops, and denim or a cute shirt and skirt combo for summer meets fall fashion vibe.

Put Your Sandals on and Wear Socks on Them

While there are some who are not a fan of the sandals and socks combo, this can turn your outfit around with its quirky and different look. Rock your summer sandals with a good pair of thick socks and wear them with your dress, sweater, and skirt or over your denim pants for a cozy getup.

Rock the Denim Look

This season is the perfect time to rock that denim. Wear a cottony top tucked under a pair of denim jeans, a cool denim jacket, and your favorite ankle boots. This sleek ensemble perfectly sums up how denim on denim can look good and casual all at the same time.

Wear Your Rompers with Coats and Boots

The key in pulling off this look is by donning a fitted romper you loved wearing during the summer under a fresh and comfy oversized long jacket. Don’t forget to wear your thigh-high boots since rompers tend to be short. Still feeling cold? Wear tights for a cozier ensemble.

The changing of the seasons doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your favorite pieces altogether. You can always wear something you loved wearing in the summer by incorporating items usually worn during the cold season. So, don’t tuck your summer essentials deep in your closet just yet and continue dressing up with a summer vibe this fall!

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