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3 Interesting Features To Include In Your Dream Home

For many people, having their dream home means building it from scratch. But while it can be easier and more cost efficient to have a home built after models that your contractor already has in place, bringing in something that’s personalized or different could be just what you’re wanting to make your new home your absolute dream home. 

To help you in making some adjustments to your current home plan, here are three interesting features to include in your dream home. 

Customizable Storage Options

While every dream home should have ample storage, what you take any custom home to the level of a dream home is storage that’s customized to the exact type of storage that you want or need.

According to John Riha, a contributor to HouseLogic.com, you may want storage that takes advantage of every available space in your home. Or, you may want storage that’s completely hidden from view. But as long as the storage space that you’re including will allow you to store the items that you have in your life, be it large amounts of holiday decorations, emergency food storage, outdoor equipment or anything else, you should find that your dream home really does have the storage space of your dreams. 

Outdoor Living Area

Sometimes, a dream home needs to include more than just what’s within the walls of the house you’re building. For many people, a dream home should also include the outdoor spaces that they want as well. 

To do this effectively, Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson, a contributor to Elle Decor, recommends that you essentially extend your indoor living spaces into your outdoor areas. This will make it so that not only do you ensure that you’ve thought about your outdoor space as much as your indoor living space, but that you’re also doing everything in your power to make this space as comfortable as possible. This will make you want to use this space just as much as your indoor space. 

A Dressing Room

Although most bedrooms will have a closet space in them, many dream homes include having a bedroom with a closet that’s more like a dressing room.

When creating this space, Kelly Dawson, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, advises that you think about this area as your own personal boutique. Make sure you include things like adequate lighting, enough storage for your current and future needs, and some kind of decor that will make the space feel finished and complete. 

If you’re in the process of creating your dream home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you decide what else you could add to this space to make it more interesting, personalized, or unique to you and your needs.