Tips To Create Your Own Royal Christmas Wedding

A royal, Christmassy wedding is something that everyone has dreamed of at least once. And the royal British family is definitely a great source of inspiration for wedding enthusiasts, especially the recent wedding celebrations of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So if you are a true, royal wedding fan, let’s get pumped up with tea, scones, an English breakfast, and champagne to toast the couple. Don’t forget about the decorations though!

Here are a few tricks which are picked from royal weddings, like exchanging wedding bands that are written into your family’s legacy to sending guests home with a slice of your cake, meaningful bridal bouquets, kid-centric wedding parties, and unique wedding cake flavors. You can always pair a beautiful white dress with one of the gorgeous moissanite engagement rings. 

1. Asking Permission

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of asking the bride’s parents for permission to marry their daughter came from? Well, no need to wonder anymore! The royal British monarchy should ask for permission to marry their reigning monarch. Even though we don’t all have a reigning monarch, people incorporate this tradition in many ways. For eg: Both sides of the family have to sit and talk to each other, ask for blessings, or the groom has to ask the parents for permission before the official proposal.

2. Royal Wedding Invitation

After getting the permission, why wait to send the wedding invitation? Make sure you send all the guests a magnificent card that requests their presence in your celebrations.

3. Choose a Family Stationer

All the royal wedding invitations are made by Barnard & Westwood, and it recently made the invites for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials. Hence, get the name of your sister or cousin’s stationer and get your cards designed from there too. If possible, try encouraging your cousins to do the same.

4. Children Are the Leaders

Fell in love with the cute little girls and boys in pairs, holding hands and throwing flowers everywhere with their cute, little hands, and their beautiful smiles, peals of laughter, and sparkling dresses? Well, this is a part of the royal family culture. Children can be given the roles of ring bearers, rather than just a flower boy or flower girl.

5. Carry a Meaningful Bouquet

The royal brides from the time of Queen Victoria have carried myrtle in their bouquets, and this isn’t just any normal myrtle. It is from Queen Victoria’s 170-year-old garden that is preserved to date. Start a bloom-specific tradition in your family. Ask your mother if she had any such flowers that were specific to her wedding, and use the same.

6. Wear a Sparkly Headpiece

What is a royal wedding without a crown? During the ceremony, the bride had to wear a headpiece gifted from her side of the family, and following the wedding, she was allowed to wear a headpiece that belonged to her husband’s side.

Duchess Kate did something just like that, and the beloved Princess Diana followed the same tradition as well. You can also do the same by adding a sparkly headpiece, like a hair comb, headband, or even a tiara to your wedding-day attire.

7. Propose a Color Palette or Specific Dress Code for Your Guests

Ask the guests to follow a color palette-specific dress code. As you have seen in many British royal weddings, everyone follows the same dress code, even in terms of hats and other accessories. So, spice up your wedding by asking your guests to do the same. 

8. Make Special Wedding Bands That Your Family Can Use If Wanted

Do you know that the wedding bands of the British monarchy are not the standard 18-carat gold? The gold has been dug from the same mine in Wales for nearly an entire century. This is due to the softer, richer, and warmer color thanks to its higher percentage of gold.

You cannot do the same, obviously, but you can ask your grandparents about their wedding bands and have your wedding bands cast in the same medium, be it platinum, gold, white gold, or silver.

9. Serve a Traditional Wedding Cake

All the royal British weddings follow a specific cake flavor tradition, and that is fruit cake. So follow the same by asking your parents or sibling to remember their wedding cake flavor, recipe, or the bakery that they ordered from so that you can order the same.

10. Get Your Family in One Shot

The royal clan makes sure that there is one shot where all the family members come together at the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace, especially if a close relative ties the knot. Do the same for your clan too. Make sure you get everyone in one shot so that you can cherish this memory forever.


Royal weddings are one of the most beautiful, special celebrations around the world, and are loved by all despite the boundaries of region, color, religion, etc. They revolve around the few monarchial systems still practiced and have a very significant, historical role. Only royal couples stand alongside the newlyweds. Obviously, which bride wouldn’t want to feel like a dutchess? Even though you can’t have that tiara from the Queen’s collection of crown jewels or exchange vows in Westminster Abbey, there are ways to turn your wedding into the dream wedding you always wished for!