Art Deco Engagement Rings: Important Style Points To Consider

If you are soon to be engaged and you have your heart set on an Art Deco diamond engagement ring, you certainly aren’t alone and within the term ‘Art Deco”, there are many designs to choose from. The Art Deco period began in the 1920s, when the blandness of the Victorian era was replaced with bold, geometric designs with rich colour.

Here are some important style points of Art Deco engagement rings.

Rich Colour

Art Deco jewellery can be found with deep red rubies, fiery green emeralds and cool blue sapphires, plus a range of other stones such as jade, amber and amethyst. Why shouldn’t a girl have her favourite colour on her engagement ring? Simply Google ‘local antique dealers’ and check out a wide variety of Art Deco diamond engagement rings, all at fair prices.

Geometric Shapes

The bold shapes of the Art Deco era in the 1920s are still as popular today as they were back then, a century ago. Rectangles, triangles, squares are all represented in an Art Deco engagement rings Sydney collection as well as in other reputable dealers around the world. With a quick online search, you will be able to spot a dealer of genuine antique jewellery near you.


Diamonds need to be cut to show maximum sparkle. Antique diamonds were hand-cut; therefore, the cut might not be 100% symmetrical, which kind of adds to the charm. Mine-cut stones have been cut and polished by hand, which was the way it was done before the arrival of machinery. The Art Deco period coincided with the Industrial Revolution and new cuts such as the Brilliant Round were created that maximised the sparkle of gemstones, which formed the basis for the machine cuts that followed.


The use of platinum in jewellery peaked during the 1920s and custom jewellers excelled in creating intricate designs. If you love platinum, the Art Deco period offers a lot of scope, with large and colourful designs and lots of coloured gemstones. This metal is very durable and does not tarnish, making it ideal for jewellery. White gold was another popular choice in the Art Deco period, which looks similar to platinum.

Gemstone Setting

Another critical element of an Art Deco engagement ring is the setting, which is how the diamonds are presented, and there are many cuts used to shape gemstones. You might think that pre-machinery times were backward, yet custom jewellers were able to create intricate settings and some of the best examples of Art Deco diamond engagement rings can be found at your local antique dealer.

If you are looking for the ultimate Art Deco diamond engagement ring, look no further than a leading antique dealer, where you will find a catalogue of authentic pieces at fair prices. This was a dynamic period for the western world, as new and exciting designs emerged, which influenced every aspect of society from architecture to appliance design and even automobiles.

Talk to a leading antique dealer and view a range of authentic Art Deco diamond engagement rings.