Top 10 Tips for Real Gentlemen

1. The recent rise of feminism is not a reason to forget about chivalry

As before, romantic relationships are based on caring for a person, showing your best qualities, charming a girl. If you carry yourself like an ignorant fool, ladies will giggle behind your back or just ignore your attention. Of course, you may be able to attract the attention of the one who likes bad guys. But this will not help you build long-lasting relationships, and there will hardly be any respect for you.

By showing good manners, demonstrating genuine politeness, you can achieve her sympathy, trust, and ultimately, love. Believe me, you will like it much more than playing the bad guy. On a date, wear neat and stylish clothes, don’t try to play cool, and get rid of all the slang, and other verbal garbage.

2. Be punctual

A real man will not allow a woman to languish in anticipation of his arrival. Always appear on time. If necessary, set up a notification on your smartphone or arrive at a place around 10-15 minutes earlier.

If you do not have time for a date, then the reason for your absence must be valid. Warn her about this as early as possible and explain why the things were canceled. Otherwise, she may lose all the interest in you.

3. Give her compliments

Tell her that she looks good; praise her knowledge on any given topic – politics, cars, science, etc. However, do not use banal words and inappropriate compliments. For example, if you don’t have an umbrella, and it started to rain, and her makeup got spoiled, do not tell her how beautiful her makeup is. It will be a failure.

Refrain from criticism, malicious jokes, and insults. Even if the criticism is objective, it offends her, and you should not count on a second date. You may find yourself disagreeing with a woman on all the possible topics. Just as in any other case, don’t show your discontent. As a gentleman, let a date to end naturally. If you are a comedian at heart, take care of yourself so that humor won’t get out of control. After all, some of your jokes may not come across in the way you intended.

4. The “Door” etiquette

Always open a door for a girl so she could enter it first. Don’t try to be cheesy with it; act natural.

A door in front of her should not be closed. The top of ignorance is to go first and let the door slam right in front of a woman. For a woman, such an act will be a sure sign of your egoism; the opposite will be a sign of gallantry and care. If you want a woman to appreciate the signs of your gallantry, then be sure to start dating Swedish women right now.

5. Before you sit down yourself, move a chair for her

By moving a chair for a lady, you show that her comfort and interests are more important to you than your own. Also, it is a beautiful sign of gallantry that will surely be appreciated. Do not pull out a chair from under her – you are not in college. Don’t try to pull any sort of a prank that may end in physical (or emotional) pain.

If you eat in the company of people, do not rush headfirst into devouring your meal. Wait until everyone starts to eat.

6. Ask her about her life

Be able to set the pace of a conversation. Think of all the things you can discuss on a date in advance and think of the things she might be interested in. Think about the things you will ask her. This way, there will be no awkward silences, no disagreements, and no discomfort.

Do not brag about your financial well-being or criticize wealthy people. Don’t ever play a victim or try to attract her by manipulating her. Don’t make her pity you.

7. Pick up the tab

When the waiter brings you the tab, and you see your companion reaching for her wallet, tell her that you will pay for dinner. Be polite but don’t give in. Of course, this nuance often causes controversy, but a true gentleman will stick to this rule.

8. Help a girl if she is wearing heels

Such a gesture will not only help a girl keep her balance but make you look like a great guy. She didn’t ask you for help, but you were polite enough to provide it.

9. When a date is over

Be polite and don’t force her to kiss you or anything more. Women quickly lose interest in those who pretend like they owe anything after a single date.

10. No past relationships

And, of course, you shouldn’t tell her about your ex-partners or love affairs in the past. Don’t ever tell a woman that you miss another girl. What is the point of dating any other girl in this case?