Top Tips To Help You Choose The Colour Of Your Prom Dress

Most women will start thinking about prom months, or even years before the actual event. In short, it’s a big deal and you want to get the look right. That means, envisioning yourself in a variety of outfits with an array of hairdos and styles of makeup. 

This can help you to know what you want, making it easier when it’s time to go shopping. However, despite all the planning, it can be difficult to know which colour dress to wear. Fortunately, we can help!

The Latest Trends

At the moment, bright and bold dresses are very popular. Over the next year, there will be a significant increase in people with bright clothing, especially neon yellows, oranges, and greens. These colours can be acceptable to wear to your prom if you feel comfortable in them. 

However, if neon isn’t your thing there are plenty of other stunning colours to choose from. The best place to start is by checking out what Hello Molly has to offer. There is no easier way to see the colours that are most popular right now. 

You’ll find a stunning array of prom dresses, allowing you to see which colours are currently popular and choose one of them. 

Check Your Wardrobe

When choosing a colour for your prom dress it can be a good idea to take a look at what you have in your wardrobe. You are likely to notice that many of your items are similar colours, this tells you which colours you are most comfortable in. 

While you can go against the grain for your prom, sticking with a colour you’re comfortable in means you are more likely to feel comfortable during the evening. When you feel comfortable you will be more confident and this can make a big difference to your prom night.

Check Your Skin Tone

The easiest way to check skin tone is to look at your wrist. You should be able to see your veins. If they are a blue colour then you have a cool skin tone. A green colour means you have a warm skin tone. If you prefer you can look at your eye colour. Blue and green eyes tend to have a paler skin tone while brown and other coloured eyes usually have darker skin tones. This can help you choose the right colour dress for your prom. 

In general, darker skin tones are better with almost any colour dress and are particularly good with bold and bright dresses. In contrast, lighter skin tones generally suit paler and pastel colours better. 

Knowing this will help you to choose the right colour for your prom dress.

Check With Your Friends

While choosing the right colour for you is important you also need to think about your friends and what they are likely to be wearing. It’s likely that you’ll want to balance your looks. In other words, you’ll need to decide on colours together to ensure they work well and you don’t clash.