8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Underwear

Every person on the planet wants to feel beautiful at least once in their life and, let’s face it, you deserve to.

Life is hard enough as it is without reminiscing on our insecurities and spending our time wishing we looked different. You have earned the right to embrace and love your body for exactly how it is, regardless of size and shape.

Whether you’re a 32A or a plus size G-strong, we know it can be hard to feel confident and sexy as a woman in today’s society. So, continue reading for 8 tips on how you can choose the perfect plus size underwear to help you to feel as gorgeous as we know you truly are.

1. Know Your Measurements

The first step you should take in your journey to find the perfect pair of underwear for you, is to take your measurements. After all, how can you even begin to look at clothes if you don’t really know your body?

We know it can be intimidating, but we promise, it will be worth it if you want to find underwear that fits well.

2. Get Fitted

After you’ve taken your measurements for yourself, the next step is to talk to the professionals and get fitted. We have qualified corsetieres ready to answer questions about fit available to contact through email or phone-fax if you need help at any point in the process of being fitted.

If you’ve never been fitted before, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You talk to a fitter, and they wrap a measuring tape around your body at various points to determine what size clothing fits you best.

3. Choose Colors that Suit You

It can be tempting to stick solely to black when it comes to choosing underwear. You know you’ll wear it, it matches just about everything and can help to make you look slimmer. But here’s the thing, if you limit your outfits to just one color, you’re preventing yourself from experiencing all of the joy and freedom of expression that can come with a colorful wardrobe. Not to mention, you may even find out that you like the way you look.

4. Know Your Wardrobe

Make sure you know what kind of clothes you wear before shopping for new bras and underwear. If you only own white pants and buy only black underwear, you’re going to be the focus of some looks you’d probably rather not be receiving. If you only wear camisoles and sleeveless tops, you’re not likely to want to wear a t-shirt bra or a sports bra with it.

5. Know Your Body Shape

Is your body pear-shaped? How about hourglass, rectangle, or v-shaped? Take a gander at yourself in a full-sized mirror and determine what type of body shape you have. Once you do, finding underwear that will fit you the way you actually want it to will be much easier, trust us.

6. Take Note of the Fabric

Aside from coming in all shapes and sizes and colors, bras also come in a variety of fabrics these days. When trying to find underwear that you’ll look and feel gorgeous in, you should also consider which fabrics you’re already comfortable with wearing. Visit  Q for Quinn Inc., buy organic cotton women’s underwearfor a basic healthy and comfortable.

Here are a few bonus tips: cotton is breathable and less likely to cling on hot days, and velvet is a heavier fabric so it’s better for colder winter weather.

7. Always Check the Care Instructions

The tags or labels on your clothes will almost always tell you the way they should be cleaned. We can’t stress this one enough, read the washing/drying instructions carefully. It’s the best way to avoid ruining brand new, or old favorite, bras.

8. Trust Your Instincts

Last, but certainly not least, the most important thing you can do when choosing the right underwear is to trust yourself. Nobody knows your body better than you do and no one else can tell you what is and isn’t comfortable for you to wear.

You deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful in your underwear. So go forth and stay gorgeous, ladies.