Toxic People in Our Life and How to Deal With Them

We take care of everything daily: we read and listen about the quality of the foods we eat; we exercise to keep our bodies toned, and we listen to or read lots of useful information to be as conscious as possible. But the most important aspect of our lives, more often than not, is the people around us.

When we meet new people, we tend to believe that these relationships will bring only benefit and joy. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. There is a “species” of people called toxic or energy vampires. There are situations when it is impossible to stop communicating with such people. It is important to be able to recognize such a person in time and learn how to put a block not to succumb to their manipulation.

Signs of a toxic person in your environment

Relationships with such people are built on the principle of “one-way”. You give, they take. These people are extremely selfish. They are only interested in their own lives, and those around them are there to meet needs or to help (unselfishly, of course).

A toxic person in public and in private are two different people. They like to be the centre of attention, but in private can be aggressive or indifferent. Fast transformation is their speciality! Now the person is smiling nicely, but after a couple of minutes already smells in your atmosphere.

They can manipulate others. Lying and acting is their main weapon. The list is endless. You will always have a desire to justify, save, and help such a person.

The goals of toxic people and how to deal with them

The main goal of a toxic person is to hurt you. Such people are comfortable with those who respond to them and go down predictable paths. By the way, noticing this attitude is not easy enough. You will constantly get the feeling that things will soon get better if you just sympathize with him, help him, prompt him, etc.

First of all, you need to admit to yourself that this particular person is toxic. And then try to put a filter on the surrounding people, their actions, and words about you.

Don’t communicate with them much

If you understand that completely stopping communicating with a person is unrealistic, try to keep it to a minimum. You of this will only be better because no one will take care of you as you do!

Take more time for yourself

If you live or work in the same office as this person, you need to make personal time for yourself. You deserve to spend time alone with yourself. Just relax and think about plans, dreams, or just something nice. You don’t have to live with the other person’s problems around the clock. The same rule must be applied to your personal life: if you feel like other people behave toward you in a toxic way, sometimes it is useful to do what you like, spend an evening gambling and getting Cookie Casino bonus instead of speaking with them.

Stop agreeing with them

Stop pretending that everything suits you. Toxic people also have weaknesses. And chief among them is environmental protest. Once you say, not a hint, but say straight out that you are not satisfied with such a relationship, perhaps the person will try to change for the better. 

Show them healthy empathy

Show them healthy empathy. Some people weren’t always toxic. Circumstances may have made them that way and you need to understand that, too. You can sympathize with them, but don’t let them misbehave in any way! 


Unfortunately, toxic people don’t change for someone else, they can only change something for themselves. 

You need to deal with this problem because by ending a relationship with one such person, you can smoothly move on to other such people. Why would you need that kind of stress? However, you don’t have to change anyone. Not all people can be saved by kindness and love. And until the person himself wants to change, you can’t do anything.