Travel valentine special

Valentine’s Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about generic love-themed gifts, like flowers and chocolates. To show your significant other that you really care, forego the conventional Valentine’s gifts and get them something related to their interests.

For that special someone in your life who’s caught the travel bug, that means getting them a gift they can use on their next trip abroad. The life of a frequent traveller is mired with small annoyances – a lack of internet signal, a bag of smelly clothes, a shortage of quality coffee – and the gift you get them should address those annoyances.

If you want to select the perfect Valentine’s gift for your globetrotting SO this February, check out the following few ideas.

Portable WiFi

When you’re in a foreign country, unaccustomed to the geography, language and customs, the internet is your lifeline. Travellers often spend time loitering outside a Starbucks or trying to catch a spotty city WiFi signal, but they’re often intermittent and unreliable. This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of unfettered access with a portable WiFi, a pocket-sized device that gives you internet wherever you go.

Merino Wool Clothing

Between the hot sun, daylong treks, and the fact that you really only have room for a single drawer of clothes in your bag, clothing can get smelly quickly when you travel. This isn’t the case with merino wool though. Merino wool, a soft wool with antimicrobial properties and superior breathability, repels odours and stays fresh for an obscenely long time. You can pack just a few pairs of mens merino wool ankle socks and be set for an entire summer month!

Packing Cubes

With merino wool clothing, you already have a head start on packing light, since you require few garments. But to help your significant other further their packing efficiency, get them some packing cubes. These handy compression cubes allow you to reduce the surface area of clothing and toiletries, and neatly compartmentalize them.

Travel Espresso Maker

In some places countries, like Italy or Colombia for instance, you’re never that far from a great cup of coffee. Occasionally, however, you travel to a place that seems almost incapable of brewing a good cup. For those latter occasions, the traveller in your life might really appreciate some portable help. Travel espresso makers, compact devices that let you pour a perfect shot on the go, are a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for the travel-loving caffeine addict.

A Ticket Abroad

Finally, what better to give a travel savvy partner than a ticket abroad? Better yet, buy two tickets, and take a romantic vacation somewhere they’ve been meaning to go. Flight deals abound in the low season and shoulder season (from November to mid-June), as do hotel deals, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take advantage.

Internet access, fresh merino wool clothing, an efficient packing system, great coffee and a romantic trip abroad – you can’t plan a better Valentine’s Day than that for an avid traveller!