What Makes Cartoon Character Prints so Popular With Adults

T-shirts with prints of cartoon characters are extraordinarily common. You can find people wearing such t-shirts on campuses, in cafes, well, everywhere. In a second you’ll learn what could be the reason behind the popularity of custom t shirts with cartoon character prints among adults. Let’s go!

Complex world

Most of the animations that are popular among adults nowadays aren’t really like their older brothers and sisters. Sure, you could argue that the world of SpongeBob SquarePants was sometimes surprisingly dark and serious, but compared to today’s hits, it is rather tame. You are likely to find a world that is equally complex with the one that we live in.

It doesn’t mean that the main characters must be human. To show that human life is full of problems that everyone has to deal with, you don’t need to be direct. Instead, you could show that animals struggle with their own problems and temptations. The tigers who try to avoid harming other animals despite their instincts could be interpreted as the fight with the addiction; not everything has to be literal.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we live in the golden age of TV. With the plethora of streaming platforms producing high-quality TV series, you can be very picky. No matter how peculiar your tastes, there is bound to be something that you’ll find to your liking.

Fascinating characters

Okay, but what about those cartoon characters makes them so easy to identify with? There are so many captivating tv-series and movies, but it seems that cartoon characters are uniquely common on people’s t-shirts.

The main reason is that it is easy for the audience to identify with the characters of the animated series. Their everyday struggles are not unlike those of ours. Sure, you could say that every piece movie and tv series shows us situations with which people have to deal with. The thing is, the often traumatic, or at least terrifying adventures of the characters of “Bojack Horseman” or “Rick and Morty” are juxtaposed with the form that doesn’t make us feel like the world is grim and dark. Because of this, giant beasts, or dead bodies won’t make us feel frightened to the same degree as they normally would. Instead, we focus more on the inner experiences of the characters that find themselves in such circumstances.

And the most noteworthy thing about those struggles is that the wrong decisions which the characters often make have consequences, and they are often not pleasant. Teaching a lesson is one of the essential elements of animated series for kids, but the ones that are meant for adults often show us that the lesson is that there is not always a lesson. Sometimes even our failures won’t help us to grow in any way. Serious consequences make us value the things that we have, more, but they also add the elements of uncertainty. And that is life.

Black and white

It doesn’t mean that people are enamored with those cartoon characters because of their failed attempts to be the best versions of themselves. We live in a world where we are constantly told that black and white are the only colors from which we could choose. No, it’s not the criticism of race relations in the USA. Instead, according to the ubiquitous ads, we should face all the adversity in the world, but it is also okay to give in to your temptations; our bodies should be perfect, but you should accept yourself no matter what. At this intersection of expectations, there is no place for the middle ground: being dissatisfied with yourself, yet trying to walk forward, just not too fast. Not every one of your actions will be met with success. And it’s okay to be sad about it.

Fast pace

The fast pace is yet another thing that makes people fall in love with the animated series. As a result, they buy t-shirts with cartoon characters. Sure, our attention spans got shorter, but that’s not all. The action progressing at breakneck speed reminds us of our lives; there are no breaks; we are in a constant rush. And there’s nothing that’s better at making people sympathize with each other than dealing with the same obstacles.

The appeal

Cartoon characters are popular among adults because it is easy to understand and sympathize with their motivations, fears, and vices. Their lives are full of uncertainty and different shades of grey. It is a different world from the one that is presented to us by the advertisement companies and news networks. Sure, a significant portion of people wearing t-shirts with a talking horse would say that they love the show because they find the jokes funny. And that’s fine. Only one-dimensional entertainment can be appreciated in one way only.