What Is a Signet Ring, Why Get One & How to Get It?

For centuries, signet rings have been a part of human history. They are present in various different cultures, and they were often the symbols of status and authority. Having become more accessible recently, these rings have enthralled the modern man as well. Read a bit more about their history here.

If you have ever seen a person wearing an unusual, and yet a quite cool, ring on their finger, with a one-of-a-kind symbol that means something to them, then you’ve seen a person wearing a signet ring. Chances are that you’ve become quite interested in those upon seeing them for the first time in the modern world. Thus, you want to learn some more about them, as well as figure out if you should get one for yourself, and how you can get it today.

Those are, without a doubt, all some rather important questions. Sure, these rings are appealing because of their looks, but there is a lot more behind them that you have to uncover, especially when trying to decide if you should wear one or not. What we are going to do below is get you better familiar with these products, as well as answer the questions of why you may want to get them for yourself and how to get a great one.

What Is a Signet Ring?

Let us begin with the basics. If you have seen a person wearing these before, you must have become curious about the story behind them. You may have even talked to that person about the meaning, listened to their stories about the symbolism of the piece of jewelry and, most likely, about the family heritage that it represents. That must have given you a better idea about what it specifically is.

Here is what else to know about them:

A long time ago, a signet ring was sort of a seal of authenticity, used for branding important documents. A writing instrument that allowed people to put their signature on some historical documents even if they were illiterate or simply because it added authority to the document and signified its importance.

Things are a bit different today, in the sense that these are no longer that necessary. This, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t have their place in the modern world. Today, these are heirlooms handed down through generations, or symbols of belonging, or simply stylish items that signify sophistication and grace.

Not only people who inherited this wear them today. This is because there are jewelers who make them, meaning that you can create any kind of a signet ring for yourself if you decide to do so. Whether you want to revive the crest that was once an important part of your family and thus cherish the history of your name, or you simply want to elevate your style and authenticity, these products could be right for you.

Why Should You Get a Signet Ring?

The above brings us to our next question. Why would you even think about getting a signet ring? For starters, this can be your way of honoring your family name and heritage, as I’ve already explained. Then, it can also be given as a gift to someone, if you want them to know that they are an important part of your life and that you share certain views and commonalities. Camaraderie shown through a piece of jewelry, and a sense of belonging instilled through it.

As mentioned, though, this can also simply be your way of showing the world that you have a great sense of style. It may no longer have the same practical use as in the past, but it is still a symbol of elegance, sophistication and even class. While the modern world has changed a lot in respect to the olden days, there is no doubt that it still values great style and elegance.

How to Get It?

Having understood what these products entail and why getting them may be a good idea, you now have a different question. How can you get a great one for yourself? As you may have guessed it already, it all depends on the jeweler you’ll work with. Taking a quick look at the Oxford Signet Rings will make it clear that you can create pretty much any kind of a product that you want. As long as you work with the right people. So, clearly, your main task is to find the right jewelers that will create these for you. Apart from working with those that will offer amazing quality, you should always try and find those jewelers that will be perfectly capable of turning your idea into reality. Research various ones and only decide to work with the professionals that are reputable in this world and that are, thus, known for creating the perfect signet rings for their customers.