Where to Shop for Prebiotic Soda Online

So, you finally took the leap and tried some prebiotic soda and it turns out you love it. But now comes the real problem: how do you get more? One solution is to buy your prebiotic soda online and have it shipped directly to you. However, the internet is a wide, wild place, and sometimes you don’t know for sure if you can trust a certain retailer or website.

That’s why we’ve done the legwork to dig up the best places online for you to get your prebiotic soda. There are many options, but we’ve narrowed them down to some of the most popular and trustworthy. Any of these options should be able to get you your prebiotic fix with just a few clicks or taps on your digital device.

Directly From The Manufacturer

One of the best ways to order your prebiotic soda is to order directly from the manufacturer of your favorite brand. Not only is this the most trustworthy way, but in many cases, you can get a better price than through other retailers or middlemen. 

Prebiotic soda brands like Olipop, Poppi,  vina, Health-Ade, and others all have their own websites that facilitate online orders with shipping to your home. In some cases, you can also order greater quantities for better per-unit pricing, and some may even offer free shipping with orders of a certain size or value. 

Brands like vina even offer subscriptions for their customers, so a steady supply of your favorite microbiome-fueling prebiotic soda is never hard to find. For subscribers, they also offer robust discounts that you may not be able to beat anywhere else. There really are no drawbacks to ordering directly from your manufacturer of choice.

Online Superstores

Many brands of prebiotic soda are available by using the online order feature for national superstores like Walmart or Target. You can shop on the store website and choose whether you want to have the soda shipped to your home, or alternatively, you can choose to pick it up from the store as well. Many times the ship-to-store option has no shipping charge attached to it, so it’s cheaper in some cases.

If you choose to have your order shipped, you can usually count on it being at your home in a few days. If you choose to pick it up, most larger retailers offer contactless or curbside pickup, so there’s no need to worry about unnecessary contact while the pandemic is ongoing. The downside to this method, however, is that many of these larger superstores have relatively steady prices, so don’t expect sale prices anytime soon.

The Digital Marketplace

When considering buying something online, many people automatically think of Amazon. If you are searching for brands, flavors, or quantities that are difficult to find elsewhere, checking Amazon, eBay, or similar sites could be your ticket to ride. Not only are hard-to-find flavors or brands generally able to be sourced through these channels, but they often have great perks like free shipping. 

The downside to ordering from places like these is that they are so vast, it can be difficult to ensure you are dealing with a reputable seller, and are receiving authentic products. While the markets often do what they can to ensure products sold are legitimate, sometimes the unexpected can happen.

Grocery Stores & Markets

Just as some of the largest retailers have a digital presence, so do many of the local supermarkets and grocery stores that you know and love. National, regional, and local stores of all types have started migrating to the digital space, creating even more options for shopping prebiotic soda online. 

Stores like Whole Foods, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Thrive Market are just a few examples of places that you can order prebiotic soda from. Just like with the largest superstores, smaller grocery stores and markets have begun offering ship to home or ship-to-store options, so you can either wait in the comfort of your home or pick it up the next time you are there to grab groceries.

In areas where it’s requested, many of these stores will also offer curbside or contactless in-store pickup. The downside to this method is that smaller or specialty stores like these may have a larger markup on their products.

Where To Get Your Favorite Prebiotic Sodas Online

Shopping online for prebiotic soda can be a little overwhelming with all of the various options, however, there are some factors that set each apart from the others. Whether you prefer bulk orders or a few cans at a time, contactless pickup or dropped at your doorstep, there’s an option for you.