Why Casinos in Poland are So Popular

Land-based casinos in Poland are so popular among locals and tourists. These casinos are in big cities like Krakow, Gdynia, Ladz, Warsaw, etc. Poland limits gambling to a state-owned monopoly called Totalizator Sportowy. Only this casino has a gambling license from the finance ministry. 

It runs Total Casino, the only licensed casino online website in Poland. People who prefer to negate the state monopoly choose offshore online casinos. Despite facing harsh gambling laws, Polish casinos keep thriving. We will examine the reasons for this here.  

Why Poland Casinos are Popular?

The following points help explain why casinos in Poland continue to increase and thrive. 

Casino laws have changed over the years

Gambling became legal in Poland in 1930. Poland was one of the first European countries to pass a favorable gambling law in the 20th century. Unfortunately, this legislation turned from lawful to unlawful during and after the Second World War. 

In 1992, the country introduced more comprehensive and inclusive gaming laws. These changed again in November 2009 when the government brought a new Act with strict stipulations. The National Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Finance began regulating gambling. 

The 2009 Gambling Act allows Polish players to only play at licensed casinos. Hence, no land-based or online-based casino can run without a Gambling License from the Ministry of Finance. Those interested in the casino business have no choice but to follow the law. 

The high number of land-based casinos shows that local investors are willing to comply with these laws. It also implies that they have no intention of fighting the state-owned monopoly.

No law explicitly forbids players from trying offshore casinos

Poland does not open its doors to offshore casino operators. No international online casino has headquarters in Poland. However, the Gambling Act of 2009 does not openly stop locals from joining offshore online casinos that accept their nationality. 

Tourists who visit Poland can also play online games at an international site that accepts Polish people. They cannot join Total Casino without Polish citizenship. The government has not punished any citizen for gambling at an offshore casino. 

That is why offshore casinos attract Polish players and the gambling market. Polish bettors have access to several casinos offering the best in class slots and table games. Although Polish Gambling law enforcers blacklisted many casinos deemed illegal last year, they have not punished any participant yet. 

Casinos provide a wide assortment of games 

Polish casinos are more popular because of having a broad selection of games. Local players who visit land-based or online-based offshore casinos cannot feel bored. Those who decide to play games in the state-specific casino do not find many table games and live dealer games. 

However, they can play Lottery games online only at the Totolotek website belonging to Totalizator Sportowy. Sports betting is legal in Poland. It is available at Totalizator Sportowy. Players can access many types of sportsbooks. Online casinos provide a wide range of games to bettors, including

  • Slot games
  • Table games like Poker and blackjack
  • Live dealer games such as baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack
  • Sports betting.

Supportive payment systems

Polish bettors have no worries when betting at an offshore casino because they can withdraw their incomes. International casinos that popularly invite Polish players have joined forces with local banks. This is to help members get money home in their currency. Many payment systems, including MasterCard and Visa cards and wire transfers, are available. 

Sites in the Polish language 

International casinos provide services in English as the universal language. However, a Polish player who does not understand English well can use their dialect. They can access various site pages in the Polish language. This has increased the popularity of online casinos that accept Polish people. 

Poland tourism and casinos 

Poland launched its first casino in Sopot City in 1930. The area has a beautiful sandy beach that attracts tourists from across Europe and far away. This first casino provided blackjack and roulette to anyone who was eighteen years and older. 

When tourists increased, the government turned the casino into a big resort with accommodation rooms. This led to the entry of new casinos that attracted all types of visitors. After World War II, the Soviet Union closed down all gambling establishments in Poland except for Polferries. 

Polferries re-introduced blackjack and roulette in its ships traveling across Scandinavia. In 1989, the Soviet Union weakened, and the prior ban became powerless. By 1998, the union had lifted the ban and enabled casinos to run in the entire USSR. These land-based casinos have grown mainly due to the tourists who have flocked there since the end of the soviet ban.

Mobile sites and apps

Smartphone users are countless across the globe. Casino operators recognize this fact. They have created mobile-friendly websites and applications to attract as many casino game players as possible. These systems use modern encryption technologies to protect user data. 

They also enable them to use several different payment methods. Polish players using mobile sites can also practice it safely on casino sites with a recognized gambling license. Local facilities offering mobile gaming have permits from the Ministry of Finance. They also meet the regulations of the National Revenue Administration. 

As these authorities do not demand a renewal fee for the first year, casinos offering online betting or lotteries tend to thrive. The government requires them to renew licensing in the second and third years. Although mobile gaming is new, it will increase the popularity of casinos in the future. 

Casino-based films 

Many locals treat casino gaming as a form of entertainment and a source of income. If you love watching films with a casino theme, there are many movies in Poland. Casino-themed films inspire players to visit the actual land-based or online-based venues and play. 

Players want to emulate their favorite actors and actresses in casino-themed films. Casinos that appear in Polish movies depict luxurious and classy lifestyles. Those who watch films get the insinuation that gambling is profitable and can lead to lavish lifestyles. The Polish filming industry has largely advanced the popularity of Polish casinos. 

Top Land-Based Casinos in Poland

Casino  Location
Casino Poland Lodz Lodz
GDYNIA Casino Gdynia
Olympic Casino Sunrise Warsaw(Hilton Hotel)
Grand Casino Pozman (by City Park Hotel) Pozman


Casinos in Poland are very famous. Their popularity keeps growing because of some of the reasons we have discussed. Poland has monopolized gambling, but casino operators and players are several. If you are a Polish person who likes gambling, you could play at stay-owned casinos, land-based casinos, or offshore gaming websites.