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How to Pick the Right Hair Color for Yourself?

Freshening your look with a new hair color is one of the most impactful ways you can make a style statement. Stepping out with a fresh hue is the perfect way to enhance the unique canvas that is you! The first priority to think about when considering your next color transformation for those lovely locks is who you will trust to bring your personal style vision into reality. When you are searching for an elite luxury hair salon in Miami, expertise and artistry are everything. You deserve an exclusive salon and talented stylists who are dedicated to achieving the show stopping aesthetic you desire. 

The ultimate key to realizing the perfect ideal hue for you is working with a professional and gifted hair stylist who thoroughly understands color theory. Deciding on precisely which shade and tone of color will best accentuate your natural beauty and style choices depends on much more than simply what meets your eye. It is common to fall in love with a look we see on Instagram or from an editorial fashion shoot. Importance must be placed on recognizing that many elements were curated resulting in that beautiful presentation. Trusting a knowledgeable hair stylist to guide your color treatment decision assures you will be satisfied with a perfectly polished aesthetic tailored to your individuality.

Hair Color Theory

As someone who values and prioritizes a stylish personal presentation, you may already know how to respond to the following question. Which season are you? A well trained expert colorist with a discerning eye is the best person to consult when wondering whether your complexion is warm, cool, or neutral. The features of your natural appearance including skin tone and eye color determine which shades and tones of hair color best will suit you. Choosing the ideal color to harmonize or perhaps beautifully contrast your inherent tones depends on the following details:

  • Skin Tone: The simplest way to determine skin tone is by having a look at the underside of your wrists. What color do your veins appear as? Seeing blue and purple veins indicates cool skin tone. Green veins mean you are probably warm toned because of what results from blue and yellow mixing. If you feel confused due to multiple colors your tone may be neutral.
  • Eye Color: Similar concept as evaluating skin tone applies here. Are your eyes blue, green, or nearly violet? Those indicate cool tones. Brown, honey, and golden hues are warm. Hazel eyes can be a complex blend of several colors and often hint that you are a neutral tone.

Once your tone is determined, we know which shades of color will not only reflect your personal style, but enhance your natural beauty also. When you feel like it is time to step out and impress with your new look, one of the best ways to create a fresh appearance is with impeccable hair color. Expert hair stylists are truly artists of your appearance and you deserve a professional team of salon experts dedicated to tailoring your luxury salon color experience.