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Why You Need A Bike

In this day in age when everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy while also saving the world, investing in a bike is a great solution for a range of reasons!

While many people think that you need to be a Tour de France level cyclists to have a bike, the truth is that there are so many benefits you can get from simply riding a bike for a small amount of time every single day. And in the long-run, it can make a huge difference!

There are many different types of bikes you could consider getting This includes a road bike, mountain bike, e-bike or even an outdoor elliptical bike! Any of these options will allow you to clock in the mileage you need to reap the benefits of having a bike. You don’t have to be a pro to get started. Just choose the type of bike that is best for you and know that you can literally change your life by making biking part of your daily routine!

Here are four reasons why you need a bike.

1. Your daily commute to work will now be fun!

Seriously! There is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic in your car. You are siting at a standstill doing absolutely nothing but stressing about being late to work. But with a bike, you get to keep going and never get stuck in traffic, because cyclists get their own bike lanes! Many major cities have now invested in bike lanes throughout the central city to encourage more people to commute with a bike of their choice! You will get your endorphins and heart going before you start your work day, also giving you a high chance of being much more productive at the tasks at hand!

2. Your brain will be able to work harder

When you exercise, your brain is also charged up as well as your body and brain must work together. Plus, research has found that even half an hour of working out a day drastically increases your brain’s ability to react fast, have a better memory and be more creative—while equally being able to minimize the amount of fatigue you feel. Many physical therapists and doctors say that biking is one of the best forms of exercises for your body and brain because it is low impact while still able to get the heart rate up!

3. You will feel better—plain and simple

It’s a fact—when you feel better, you also feel more confident in yourself. And when you have good mental health, you also are able to enjoy life more. This means that your relationships will as a result be better, your drive and motivation will be enhanced and you will love and respect yourself more. By riding a bike, you are looking after yourself. And you deserve to be looked after!

4. You will sleep better

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your day and the average adult should be getting at least seven to eight hours of it a day! But many adults struggle to get a good night’s sleep. By riding a bike for a little bit each day, your mind is able to have a moment to decompress and exert any extra energy. This will allow you to then be able to relax and fall asleep at night with a lot more ease!

There are so many benefits to having a bike. It is a fun way to get around, keeps you healthy and keeps you enjoying life! Plus, it also saves you money because you don’t have to pay for gas every two weeks, so this investment allows you to have a more profitable future financially too! So what are you waiting for, go ride that bike!