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Your Fall Guide To Finding the Best Luxury Hermes Birkin Premium Handbags

So, you know that time of the year is almost here again. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are cooling, while holiday cheer is in the air. It means that the holiday handbag season is here again!

For most women, this time of the year is a pretty special one. There are birthdays, weddings, and other life milestones that need shopping for the perfect gift. Just as important as finding a handbag that will thrill someone on the inside is choosing one that reflects their personality from the outside.

Here are some practical tips to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect luxury handbag like Hermes Birkin for a special woman in your life.

Know Her Preference

It sounds simple enough, but it is always good to start here. Does the recipient dress more conservatively or flamboyantly? Is she a luxury fashionista, or are her designer handbags more of a token gesture? What is her most beloved accessory? These are questions you should consider before you even think about hitting the stores.

What you choose to buy will depend on how much you know about your lady friend. If you are not sure, it might be time to do some snooping around for clues. Slip into her closet when she is not looking, check out her social media sites and ask around. Think of it as your fashion homework.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

If you want to get an idea of what kind of handbag she would like, then go ahead and ask her straight up. Yes, some women might feel a little embarrassed about this, so you need to nail down the timing. But if done right, it could also put you two in a private moment that will showcase some of the unique qualities she might have. 

Know Her Fashion Choices

Just as you know what she likes for a pair of shoes, what kind of purse she likes goes a long way in helping you make a choice. If you see that she is obsessed with Chanel bags or consistently rocking a Hermes Birkin, that is a good starting point.

But even if she has more than one luxury handbag in her collection, it does not hurt to ask for clarification on what her favorite is or least favorite. You would be surprised at how often people get gifted something they do not like or already have and learn the hard way through re-gifting.

Know Her Personality

If she is a lady who loves to live on the edge, then luxury handbags from more daring designers might be what you are looking for. But if your girl prefers more toned-down looks, it would probably pay off investing in one of those timeless styles from some of the best brands out there.

If you are still not sure what to get, then go with something classic. Not only will it be more useful in the long run, but a timeless piece is bound to be something the recipient can always use no matter what kind of outfit she puts together.

Know Her Signature Style

If you are clueless about buying, it might be safe to go with her signature style. Does she love anything gold or metallic? Does she prefer soft hues like pastels or jewel tones? A luxury handbag that matches the kind of designs she loves will do wonders on your shopping list.

Know If Size Matters

Chances are, if her designer handbag collection already includes a hobo bag, it means she likes the roomier styles. But if you notice she is more of an urban chic kind of girl, maybe consider something slimmer and more compact instead. Of course, there are always some exceptions to this rule, so better to go with something that fits her personality well.

Know Her Existing Collection of Luxury Handbags

What can be a bigger sign of affection than giving your lady a gift she will use throughout the year and even pass on to others? Not only does this show you have been paying attention, but it also shows that you know what kind of luxury handbag she prefers so much so that you are willing to buy one for her.

While it is always fun to splurge on that perfect gift, some equally good options will not hurt the wallet if you are just starting your collection. You can go for the classics like Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. They are fashionable, made from quality materials, and will last years to come.

If you are the type to invest in high-end luxury handbags, it goes without saying that Hermes Birkin bags will be your go-to. It is considered one of the best Hermes bags and even has a waiting list for those who want theirs by special order.