The Most Common Myths Regarding Online Slots and Their Truth

The Internet is often referred to as a vast source of information. However, it is also true that you can find a whole lot of misinformation on the Internet. The same is true for online casino games like online slots, poker, etc. While there is a lot of useful information and tips regarding these games easily available in the net, there’s also a lot of misinformation going around. Especially, when it comes to online slots, the boundaries of fact and fiction blur too often. And this proves dangerous for newbie players and others who cannot differentiate between fact and myth. Separately, these myths may be harmless but when they become popular among new or inexperienced players, their approach to the games also changes. That’s why it is important to know the game before you start playing for money. Here are some common myths regarding online slots that are incorrect.

Online Slots are Manipulated

Anyone who has played slot online will tell you that online slots are completely random and dependent on luck. Many people believe that since online slots are software based, they can be rigged or easily manipulated to favor the casinos. However, this is not true! Most online slots are developed by reputed companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. These software are based on Random Number Generator algorithms that are well-known for being highly unpredictable. Plus, these games and developers are often audited to make sure the games are truly random and fair. Hence, the chances of online slots being rigged are very slim.

Max Bet Increases Odd of Win

Many people often believe that the key to winning big in online slots is to bet the maximum amount every time. Most online slots have a feature called ‘Max Bet’ which automatically sets the bet for the next spin to the maximum possible amount. Many people believe that playing with the max bet feature improves your odds of winning. However, this is far from the truth. Slot is a game of luck and regardless of the amount you bet, the odds of each game remain the same. Also, the RTP percentage of each game is decided beforehand and will stay the same too.

Online Slots Run Hot and Cold

Whether you’re playing online slots or Judi online, choosing the right machine is important. Many people believe that online slots run hot or cold. A hot slot machine is one that has been generous towards the players in giving prizes while cold slots are the ones that haven’t given out big sums or jackpots in the near future. Some players will tell you that going after hot slots can guarantee big wins and vice versa. But that does not mean that the slots you choose will necessarily behave the way you predict. After all, slots is a chance-based game!

Winning Probability Depends on Devices

This is one myth that is completely ridiculous and has no real basis. There are many people that believe that playing slots in a mobile device can be different than playing it on a PC or laptop. Which can be true from a visual or user interface point of view. However, other than that, there’s no difference in an online slot game played in different devices. No matter which device is used to play slots, the unpredictability and odds of the game remain the same in all platforms.

No Way to Improve Chances of Winning

Another myth that is often associated with online slots is that you cannot improve your chances of winning. It’s true that slots is a game based pre-dominantly on luck. And you cannot really do anything to change the outcome of a game. But that doesn’t mean you can never improve your chances of winning the game. While you can never change your luck, what you can do is choose the right slots to play. Some online slots offer better odds than others, better bonus and features, and better payout percentages. You can search for the best slots that might benefit you.

Slots are one of the most entertaining and fun casino games that you can play. However, if you play believing you will win due to some myths and useless tips or strategies, then the game becomes disappointing. It’s better to understand everything you need to know about the game before betting your money on it.