10 Summer Shoe Trends You Need to Know About

Summer is finally here! We are now living in very different times as our way of life has dramatically changed. However, self care is now even more important than ever before, especially when it comes to lowering our anxiety levels and protecting our mental health. One way to make ourselves feel good is by wearing cute summer outfits and matching summer shoes.

So, what are the hot summer shoe trends that we should all know about? Well, below we explore 10 summer shoe trends that will boost your confidence and make you feel good.

1. The low wedge sandal

Heels aren’t right for everyone so those who shy away from pointy heels should rejoice this summer as the low wedge is a big trend. Choose from chunky wooden wedge heels, strappy low wedge sandals and those that are embroidered in flowers. You’ll also find that wedges are available in a variety of colour palette.

2. The strappy clog

Clogs are also big this summer. This practical summer shoe really hasn’t gone out of fashion. This summer will see the introduction of sturdy straps that will make the clog even more secure and practical to wear, day or night. They come in soft leather hues, pretty pastels and with the addition of oversized flowers.

3. Square toe mules

The square toe is going to be everywhere this summer and autumn. It will be seen with the flat mule that has a soft quilted design. This look is both bold and practical, taking you from day to nighttime. Wear a simple black square toe mule for the daytime and then switch to a red quilted design for the evening.

4. Pretty chains

Chunky chains will be seen everywhere this summer and this even means on your summer shoes. Chunky chains will be used as ankle straps on flats and on low heel mules. This is both for decoration and to enhance the sturdy strap. A more delicate chain is used on ballet flats to form a decorative and pretty ankle chain.

5. Yellow

The colour of this summer is yellow and it will be seen in all different types of summer shoe. Pale yellow patterns will be seen on trainers and flats, while some designs will also feature subtle sparkles. If you do a lot of walking then the humble walking sandal will also be available in bright yellow this season.

6. The slip on shoe

Summer is all about lazy days and minimal effort, so what could be better than wearing a simple slip-on shoe. This year the slip-on will feature a super-comfy padded upper with a deep rubber sole for additional comfort. Choose from pretty pastels, open mesh designs and bold floral patterns.

7. Toe straps

Another big trend this summer when it comes to the humble sandal is that of the toe strap. It’s not a look that everyone will embrace but if you love a toe strap then this is the look for you. The toe strap focuses on the big toe and this season the strap is big and bold when used on a flat mule or that cute strappy sandal.

8. The clear heel

The heel is also hugely important this season. One huge trend is that of the clear heel, making it appear that the shoe is floating in the air. You will also find heels that are clear and round in design, making a truly bold statement that is perfect for going out in the evening. Another big look is the clear heel that features sparkles and jewels.

9. Big buckles

When it comes to buckles this summer then the bigger the better. Think of the Birkenstock with added bling and that is the style you will find this summer. The wide strap when combined with a huge buckle and flat sole is the perfect comfort shoe. They are easy to wear, can be worn with anything and available in so many colours.

10. Trainers

Finally, no summer shoe list is complete without mentioning the trainer. The style for summer is super simple with a lightweight sole and Velcro straps. Once again it is all about comfort and transforming your look from day to night. Opt for a pretty pastel colour or stick to neutral white.

There are so many summer shoe trends to choose from. Mix and match different styles for when out and about (socially distancing with friends) or for when simply having fun at home. Wear shoes your own way and feel good!

If you are looking for some more inspiration for your summer look make sure to check Lady Popular Style where you would be able to find much more style, beauty and lifestyle tips.