8 Fun Bridal Shower Games

Aside from the refreshments, the one thing wedding shower guests look forward to most is the games. Games can help guests get to know one another, while also establishing a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. Here are a few games your guests (as well as the guest of honour) will enjoy.

#1. Wedding Ring Toss

Using a traditional ring toss game, spray paint the rings a gold colour and then add a few artificial jewels. Let your guests take turns trying to ring the target with these oversized wedding rings. Add a little more flare by painting the base in her bridal colours and adding a few lights to give the game a romantic glow.

#2. Ball and Chain Game

Place about a 12″ string on the end of a painted foam ball. Make enough of these balls and chains to fill two medium-sized buckets. Place an empty bucket the same size next to each one containing the balls.

Choose two people to compete against one another. Have them begin by taking a ball and chain from the full bucket using only their knees. They will then deposit the ball they just picked up into the empty bucket. The person who gets the most balls into the empty bucket within one minute will win.

#3. Cold Feet

Don’t let your bride get cold feet on her wedding day. Instead, allow your guests to have cold feet for her. To play, fill a washtub with ice cold water. Add some toy rings to the bottom of the tub. Your guests will try to pick up these rings using only their toes. The person who picks up the most rings within a set amount of time, (perhaps one to two minutes), will be declared the winner.

#4. Bobbing

Use the same washtub as above to set up a bobbing game, similar to the one you play when bobbing for apples. For a bridal shower, add small plastic rings, flowers, or other wedding memorabilia. The object of course is to pick up as many objects as possible using only your teeth. Set a time limit of one to two minutes and the person with the most prizes wins.

#5. Drinking Jenga Game

This one would be ideal for an outdoor wedding reception, but could also be played at a wedding shower. With this drinking game, you will follow the rules of traditional Jenga, but will use over-sized blocks to form your tower. Each time the tower falls, participants will take a shot. Naturally, as the game progresses this will happen more frequently, in which case you might want to offer prizes just for being able to re-stack the blocks.

#6. Pass the Bouquet Game

Have your guests sit in a circle with their backs facing inward. Begin playing music while the participants pass a wedding bouquet from one person to the next, similar to the game of hot potato. The object, of course, is to not get caught holding the bouquet. When the music stops, the person left holding it is eliminated, and the game continues until only one individual is left.

#7. Lawn Bowling

Create your own bowling pins using empty 2-liter soda bottles. When hosting a wedding shower, paint your bowling pins in the bride’s colours and add a bit of lace or flowers if you like. Use an ordinary soccer ball or volleyball and try to knock over as many pins as you can. This is an ideal game if you have guests who will also be bringing their children.

#8. Bridal Scavenger Hunt

Hide a few small gifts that your guest of honour will enjoy. For the bride-to-be, select some cooking utensils, pot holders, or other small kitchen items. Provide your players with clues that they can use to search for and uncover these hidden gems that they can then give to the new bride. Have a special door prize for the participant who scores the most treasures.

Hosting a bridal shower can be lots of fun, particularly when you add in a few of these games. Plan a few of them for your next event, and then look into some Wicked Bucks nights for the groom, groomsmen, and other gentlemen.