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10 Tips to Consider When Buying Dress Shoes for Men

We live in a digital age where the fashion world is governed by Social Media as well as the Paparazzi influencing our purchase decisions governed by what celebs wear everyday! So, when it comes to dress shoes for men, buying mistakes are a normal thing in the absence of dress shoes buying tips. Not everyone knows that they need to consider things before buying dress shoes for men. So, how to buy dress shoes for men? Here is our dress shoe buying guide on how to choose right dress shoes for men.

How to choose the right dress shoes for men

When shopping for shoes, always ensure that you have style over your fashion sense in mind — and you will never regret it. Our tips to buy shoes will also keep your feet in good shape! So let’s learn the dress shoes buying tips, step by step through our expert’s dress shoe buying guide. 

1. Equating Value with Price

When you consider things before buying dress shoes for men, the top rule is: Don’t be governed by celebrities or social media while buying dress shoes for men. Firstly, they have all the money at their disposal. Plus they prefer not to repeat the same in public. So if you love a design and it matches your persona, you can pick a similar one from an affordable brand like the Liberty Zeno, rather than buying it from an over the top brand. The shoes you pick must be worth the money spent, not less, not more! 

2. How to Spot Quality Men Shoes

There are many little things that one tends to ignore, but go a long way in knowing about the shoe quality. For instance a shiny shoe may not be stylish or good quality always unless polished leather; a stitched shoe is better over the glued one; if a flexible sole is better than a strong, study looking one; etc. These tips to buy shoes from our dress shoe buying guide, will help you spot good quality shoes. 

3. Perfect Match with Your Collections

Men's Collection

The most important tip on how to choose right dress shoes for men: Must scan your wardrobe deeply as men buy shoes less often, unless governed by fetish. The shoes color combination with your attires, the types – formal or casual – give these things a good thought. But if you wish to keep it simple, then zeroing in on how to choose the right shoes for an outfit for men, pick some elite ones that can be walk-ready for both casual and formal events, in all-round colors/tones of brown, black or tan.

4. Don’t Sacrifice Your Comfort over Style

Among the most important dress shoes buying tips is TEST DRIVE! Find comfortable shoes and always take a test drive wearing the pair, before you finalize the shoe. Some men pick heels but later end up having shoe sores. So pick a pair that is comfortable, not just stylish – the most essential among tips to buy shoes. 

5. Keep Yourself Updated with Trends

update with trends

Scan the internet and social media, be aware of trends and pick the pair that is trendy as well as gels with your persona and style. Ensure a balance among these, when you think of how to buy dress shoes for men. 

6. Product Specifications

Choose Right product

Ensure that you have well read the details of the shoe you have shortlisted, especially the feel height, the material used, the country of origin etc. This tip on how to choose the right shoes for an outfit for men, will ensure you a great fitting shoe as well as good customer care later. 

7. Be Clear about Product

How to choose right dress shoes for men? Be very much clear via enough research as to what kind of material you wish to buy, when trying out shoes. For instance, winter boots in snow regions will need a waterproof layering and should be very good quality leather. Or for that matter, if you are allergic to PVC materials, scan through the catalogue very well, before making a purchase

8. Paying Attention to Details

detailing of shoe

When you get the shoe in hand, check out the details like a good stitching; whether it is of the same material as it was listed/promised; is the shape as per your feet shape (especially if you have ordered for wide feet or to accommodate some foot disorder); are the laces long enough to accommodate your feet comfortably. Many such things might look like very obvious dress shoes buying tips, but men tend to ignore these and end up with bad shoes or shoe-sore later. 

9. Take Your Time to Choose Right Option

At times you will have a plethora of options to choose from and it might get confusing which one to pick. Don’t rush the decision because the website is offering some goodies along or the salesperson is asserting that a certain shoe would look great on you. Men’s dress shoes are an accessory that enhance your persona, so take your time before picking that final right option. 

10. Easily Gets Clean

shoes cleaning image

A single buckle, a single tassel is enough, why should more be needed to add to cleaning woes? The last among the tips to buy shoes: Always select shoes that don’t have too many embellishments making it tough to clean. These might look great initially, but end up being a headache later. 

Last but not the least tip for how to buy dress shoes for men: Pick a shoe shop, whether online or offline that has an easy exchange policy as well as great reviews towards customer care. When you consider things before buying dress shoes for men, if you follow all the above 10 dress shoes buying tips, we assure you that you will rock any kind of event, that too with happy feet!