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7 Men’s Wardrobe Must-Haves

It’s entirely human nature to overlook the little things when presented with a larger, more important issue. And that’s especially true for men and their lackluster wardrobes.

Say you plan on going hiking with your friends. You work out a route, get in shape, track weather forecasts, and do a million other things to get ready for the big day. And when it finally comes, you realize you don’t have the proper footwear for a challenging hike.

Or how about preparing for an interview for your dream job? You practice for the interview, work on building up your self-confidence, and presenting yourself in the best possible way, only to find out (a night before the interview) that you’re out of formal wear.

Don’t let this be you. We know how it is to forget about the contents of your wardrobe until it’s too late. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this list of men’s wardrobe must-haves. Read on to find out if you’re well-equipped for various demands of our daily lives.

1. Comfortable Work Boots

Having a pair of trusty old work boots in your wardrobe is always an excellent idea. It doesn’t matter if your job requires you to stand long hours or not. 

Sooner or later, some physically demanding work will present itself when you least expect it. And then, you’ll want all the protection you can get, especially if you’re not used to heavy-duty tasks. Refer to the red wing moc toe review to be guided on which shoes to choose from.

A high-quality pair of work boots is going to protect you on so many levels. For starters, your lower body will be much safer thanks to the better distribution of shock forces that good work boots offer. Your ankles and knees will thank you! And don’t forget about steel and composite toe guards — a must-have when moving a lot of heavy objects around.

But don’t let the name fool you. Work boots are a great asset even when there’s no actual work to be had. They’re more comfortable and highly durable, perfect for when you need to stand for prolonged periods.

If your wardrobe is missing this crucial clothing item, you can get a brand new pair here:

2. Sports Jacket

Sooner or later, you’ll need to wear something that’s not quite as formal as a suit, but also not as casual as a regular shirt. Enter sports jacket.

A sports jacket will bring out your masculine physique, or at least make you appear to have one. Wearing a nice sports jacket will make your hands look bigger, your chest may come off as slightly wider, and you will have gained an inch or two in height. Who doesn’t want all of that?

You don’t even need fancy pants with your sports jacket. If you’re the kind of guy that feels right at home in a pair of jeans, getting a jacket such as this one won’t change your style at all. 

There are just too many reasons to have a nice-looking sports jacket in your wardrobe. Period. Usually, it’s best to go with a blue one, but green and grey ones are just as popular.

3. Suit and Slacks

A lot of men aren’t huge fans of wearing suits and slacks. And we get you. But you have to face it, sooner or later, you’ll have to wear them. And there’s nothing worse than having to come up with a well-fitted suit and slacks on a tight schedule.

Maybe you’ll get an award for putting in all that hard work at the company and have to mingle with the higher-ups. A tough sell? Okay, how about a wedding? That’s more likely to happen. What’s also highly likely is that one of your best friends will want you to be their best man at the wedding. There’s no squirming your way out of that one, and no way out of wearing the best well-fitted suit you can find.

Go for a medium grey, charcoal grey, or any darker colors, and find slacks that match. And please avoid the patterns. Just get a solid color suit and you’ll look as sharp as they get.

This is a wardrobe must-have that you’re least likely to use. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared, because finding a suit on short notice is an absolute nightmare.

4. Solid Ties

This point ties on to the previous one, pun intended. It seems like plenty of men tend to treat neckties like all the other accessories. Like it’s another random clothing item that you don’t care about.

However, your neckties need to match the suit you’ll be wearing. Keep that in mind. And stick to solid colors. Ties with patterns are (objectively speaking) the biggest eyesore you can imagine. 

5. Accessories, Accessories

You may not think much of it, but men have to accessorize too sometimes.

Your wardrobe should be stocked on a small, but carefully thought out set of accessories for tailored made suits and casual fits

You need an elegant wristwatch for classy events. It’s incredible how much a watch can influence your overall appearance.

Then there are dress belts. If you feel like your outfit is missing that little something, it’s usually the belt. So get nice interchangeable belts and buckles for every occasion, and you’ll be able to customize your appearance to match any event.

Add a pair of Ray-Bans to your wardrobe and you’re all set.

6. A Variety of Shoes

Work boots aren’t the only footwear you’ll ever need. And neither are the sneakers. You need variety, and by variety, we mean dress shoes and dress boots.

Unlike work boots, dress boots tend to lean more on the stylish side. They’ll offer some protection against the elements, while at the same time matching the rest of your outfit.

It’s best to go with brown boots, but black ones can work well depending on the rest of your outfit. Wingtips, cap toes, and brogues are the most stylish dress boots you can find.

Then there are dress shoes. You’ll need them as much as you need your suit and slacks (and the ties), but it’s best to have a pair of black Oxfords at the ready.

7. A Casual Treat

We’ve saved best for last. After hearing about all the elegant and practical things you need to have in your wardrobe, it’s time to wrap it all up in some casual clothing.

Oxford shirts, polo shirts, henley shirts… The choice is yours. Jeans and khakis can take care of the rest.

It’s simply not true that you can’t look semi-elegant and feel completely comfortable at the same time. By carefully selecting your attire, you can blend in the most well-dressed crowds and be comfy at the same time. 

In the End

It’s best to wear what you feel like wearing and what you think makes you look your best. But all of us have to come to terms with the fact that sooner or later, we’ll need to wear something that’s not in our usual taste or style. 

When that time comes, and it unfailingly does, it’s best to be prepared. Otherwise, you run the risk of either looking completely unfit for the specific event or rescheduling your plans for a mandatory shopping spree.