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The Simple, Affordable and Permanent Solution to Stop Your Balding Crown

There’s no doubt that hair loss affects men and women in the best stages of their lives usually after their dirty thirties. There’s also little doubt that looks and lush hair are linked to health and reproduction. In a hair versus no hair scenario, the former is, therefore, more desirable unless we evolve towards bald and android type human-bots as a society.

Whatever the reason regardless of the societal norms, if you have balding areas on your scalp and feel that you want your hair back, you were certainly born into the right time in space. Natural-looking, effective and affordable, hair transplants are more common than a healthy diet which makes balding a thing of the past. Your hair transplant journey may also come with a bonus of travel since it is much more affordable in the hands of overseas surgeons who are skillful and experienced.

With that said, it is important to make educated decisions and learn about the basics of how you can have your hair back so read on as you pack your bags and passport.

Hair Transplant 101

If you are interested to know what the overseas surgeon will do to you; a hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles or grafts are removed from any part of your scalp (usually happens to be the neck area), and transplanted to the balding area. There are of course different techniques and technologies to do this, the most commonly practiced being called the FUE and DHI methods. The method used will be determined by your surgeon depending on your individual needs. 

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction to be precise is the father principle of all of the procedures utilized in hair transplant operations. It is a hair transplantation procedure that was created in conjunction with the advent of current hair implantation technology and allows for undetectable and dense hair transplantation.

DHI on the other hand means a straightforward Direct Hair Implantation and is the most sophisticated method of hair transplantation. DHI gives the surgeon complete control over the angle, direction, and depth at which each individual hair follicle is implanted, ensuring that the ultimate result looks as charming as possible. You will of course be discussing achievable results with your surgeon prior to the procedure and his job will be to keep it to the plan.

What is a graft

From the time you type in your first search engine words related to hair transplant to post-surgery, the graft is a word you will need to add to your hair transplant glossary. In the context of a hair transplant, it is of course a hair graft. It basically is the common word for a hair-bearing piece of skin.

Each hair graft typically contains two hairs along with the roots. One of the most crucial point of the hair transplant surgery is to determine how many hair grafts that you need to achieve the look that you desire. In a world where tourists normally stay away from hospitals when overseas, medical tourism has certainly turned things upside down.

Are you suited to make it to the happy hour

If your priority is the happy hour, go for it. Do remember though why you are overseas in the first place and get your medical procedure done first, so you can drink more mocktails while having more hair. You need to drink mocktail because it’s not advised to consume alcohol after the operation for the recovery.

A 2500-3000 grafts hair transplant procedure is a common one that typically covers the frontal area however not sufficient for a full hair coverage if that’s what you need.

If you have balding on your crown as well, you may quickly change that reality by having a 5000 graft hair transplant session to obtain coverage in the balding area. Grafts should be placed in such a way that they mimic your natural crown whorl (any yes, Fibonacci is everywhere). 

How natural does it look

It’s not that hair transplants look natural, they are in fact 100% natural. It is simply your own hair that is relocated with external help by medical removalists. It is also permanent and implanted hair being your own, will turn grey as normal with age.