Camping on Two Wheels: Freedom & Independence

There is something about camping that is addictive and if you are looking for a cheap holiday, camping is the answer, and combining this with big bike touring offers the ultimate adventure. The United Kingdom offers a treasure trove for those in love with natural beauty, with the north of England and the Yorkshire moors, the serenity of the Lake District and the craggy limestone of Cornwall and Devon, all of which have great camping facilities.

Big Bike Tourers

In order to be able to explore the countryside, you will need to invest in a mid-range touring motorcycle, something around 400-650cc, which would require you to obtain the A class UK driving licence that enables you to ride bikes all sizes. It is not a good idea to allow a teenager to get on a powerful superbike and the law regarding motorcycle license makes it compulsory to undergo riding training and to pass a theory test. The A2 is the provisional licence, while the A1 allows you to ride mid-range bikes, the A classification driving licence is what you need.

Protective Clothing & Equipment

Check out the amazing Wheels motorbike clothing range, which includes top-rated full-face helmets, leather jackets and pants, plus motorcycle gloves and boots. The online supplier offers the best deals and they have some great accessories to make your riding experience that much nicer. Even in the hot summer, you should wear your leather jacket and pants, because they will protect your skin in the event you have a fall.

Planning Trips

The Internet hosts a wealth of information and you can easily create a route that covers interesting areas and using the Internet, you can book your space at a campsite and start packing for the long weekend holiday that is approaching. You might prefer to tour the Yorkshire Moors or spend a week in the Lake District and on a big bike, you can easily reach the far corners of the UK in just a few hours.

Good Weather Riding

Most people have another form of transport when it rains, as bike riding in the wet is not ideal and many people garage their bike from October to March and when the spring arrives, it is time to take your bike for a spin. If you are wearing the right clothing and equipment and you are always alert, you should not have any problems. Click here for a free download of a nice natural image to use on your desktop.

Safety on the Road

Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous that driving a car, mainly because you have no protection around your body and should you collide with something, the chances of you being injured are higher than in a car. You should never exceed the speed limits and always remember the Highway Code, which you should study and never assume anything when riding on the roads in the UK.