3 Tips For Looking Great While Using Crutches

All throughout the day, there are hundreds of ways that you could get injured. From the smallest things like slipping on a wet patch of ground to getting seriously hurt in a car accident, people wind up with cuts, bruises, and broken bones every day. But when you’ve got to look good for an event or for work, it can be hard to know how to work with your injury while still looking stylish.

To help you accomplish both of these things, here are three tips for looking great while using crutches.

Wear Dresses When You Can

For women, having a leg cast or walking boot can be worked around much easier since dresses are appropriate for almost all occasions. Whether you’re having to go to work, attend an event, or even if you’re just lounging around, a dress can be a great way to look good even while on crutches.

Keep in mind, however, that oftentimes leg injuries require you to keep your foot or leg elevated, which isn’t always a good idea when wearing a dress. To combat this, recommends that you wear shorts underneath any dresses you wear. Even with a maxi dress, you can’t always be modest when propping your leg up. So to make sure you’re able to take care of yourself and be comfortable while using your crutches, consider adding some shorts under the dresses you wear.

Embrace A Backpack

Using crutches means you’re not going to be able to hold anything in your hands while you’re up and walking around. Even using things like a purse or side-sling bag can be hard, as you can easily be knocked off balance.

One way to overcome this, according to Vanessa Friedman, a contributor to the Financial Times, is to use a backpack. If you’re comfortable just using a basic school bag as your backpack, that should serve you find. But if you’re wanting something a big more stylish, you may want to consider getting something a little sleeker, like a purse with backpack straps.

Think Of Your Crutches As An Accessory

When you’re having to use crutches, not only are you worried about how you look while trying to be mobile, but you also have to deal with whatever pain you’re feeling because of your injury. Because of this, you might view your crutches as only a burden. But when accessorized correctly, your crutches can be so much more than that.

According to Sid Efromovich, a contributor to, you should do your best to make your crutches as comfortable as possible by adding cushioning and as appealing as possible by styling them with things like pockets and other baubles.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and have to use crutches as you recover, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you look and feel good while using them.