3 Tips For Picking The Right English Hunting Dog

One traditional scene from many English period piece films is a classic hunting trip with dogs in tow. 

If this is an English experience that you’re wanting to have, having the right dogs on your hunt with you will make the experience easier and more enjoyable. You can get the family protection dogs for sale on Prestige Protection Dogs. So to help you pick the right dog or dogs to train and bring along with you, here are three tips for picking the right English hunting dog. 

Know What You Want Your Dog To Do

Just as you’ll use a different hunting rifle or other weapon based on the type of game you’re hoping to get, you’ll also want to use a different hunting dog to help you when hunting for various animals or doing different types of hunts.

According to Colin Moore and Brian Lynn, contributors to, different breeds of hunting dogs will have varying levels of skill at things like retrieving, flushing, pointing, and scenting. Knowing this, you’ll need to think long and hard about the type of hunting you’ll be doing and that type of hunting dog that will be most beneficial to you in each situation. Once you know this, you’ll be able to narrow down which breed of English hunting dog will be most helpful to you in bringing about a successful hunt.  

Get Referrals From Other Hunters

Once you know which breed of English hunting dog you want, you now have to find a breeder who can supply you with a quality pup to train for hunting purposes.

Sadly, there are many people out there looking to take advantage of people who are wanting a specific breed of dog that has natural tendencies and abilities, like those of English hunting dogs. Because of this, Tom Davis, a contributor to Field and Stream, recommends that you look to get referrals or recommendations about breeders from other hunters. By talking with people in the hunting industry or who have gotten their own English hunting dog, you’ll be able to tap into their knowledge and network to ensure that you’re able to find a great breeder for your new hunting dog. 

Find The Pick Of The Litter

When the time comes for you to pick the puppy that you’ll raise and train to be your hunting dog, there are a few things that you should be on the lookout for in finding the pick of the litter.

According to, you’ll want to spend some time observing the puppies together and as they interact with other people. Ideally, you should try to get a pup that responds to audio cues, seems naturally curious, like to pick things up with its mouth, and isn’t afraid of people. If you can find this, you may have just found a great English hunting dog. 

If you’re wanting to get a hunting dog to take hunting with you, consider using the tips mentioned above as you seek to pick the right pup.