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4 Skincare Trends That Are Rocking The Beauty Industry This 2021

Year 2021 has allowed people to explore various skincare products and treatments that could help improve their skin and body. Thanks to skincare trends, people can easily perform beauty treatments at home, making their skin healthier and more beautiful. 

However, aside from their beauty benefits, popular skincare products and treatments this year are also being used for other purposes. These include sanitation, skin protection, treatment of skin concerns, and environmental reasons. If you’re curious to know which skincare trends are rocking the beauty industry this 2021, here are some of them. 

1. Light Therapy

Light therapy is a technique that uses varying wavelengths of light, which may come in red or blue color. This works by increasing your cells’ function and speeding up the process of repairing and rejuvenation, allowing your skin to be healthy, youthful, and free of any unwanted skin conditions. Besides that, this treatment is believed to be effective in reducing and eliminating skin conditions, like wrinkles, scars, and wounds.  

Though red light therapy at home or wellness center sessions are said to be safe and painless, you may need to wear protective eyewear if you wish to try this treatment. This is to keep your eyes completely safe during the therapy. You can learn more here about how light therapy could help you with your skin concerns and how often you can undergo the procedure for best results.   

2. Eco-Friendly Ingredients And Materials

As years go by, the need for using eco-friendly ingredients is getting more popular, especially as the world isn’t getting any better, environmentally speaking. To take part in helping save the planet, people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by replacing almost everything they use with eco-friendly products.  

Apart from shifting to reusable things (for example, cups and straws), people now tend to prefer eco-friendly products, which include skincare items. Nowadays, people are using organic and plant-based ingredients that could similarly address their skin concerns without harming the environment. Some are even looking for cruelty-free products to ensure animals are completely safe and not included in any skin experiments.  

Other than these, people are also resorting to products that offer refills so they don’t have to waste another bottle, which would only end up in the trash after emptying it. In this way, they could help reduce their household waste while also avoiding contributing to landfills.  

3. Blue Light Protection

Blue light from devices is said to have an effect on the skin as it could cause skin shrinkage and death. For this reason, people are keener on looking for products that offer blue light protection, especially if they need to spend most of their days in front of their computer.  

Year 2021 has allowed more people to work from home for convenience and health safety. As they stay in front of their computers for long hours, exposure to blue light is getting more intense, causing skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation.  

If you’re a skin health enthusiast, one popular ingredient you can perhaps look for is niacinamide, which could help protect your skin from the harmful rays of blue light. There are plenty of skincare products that use niacinamide as it’s believed to provide plenty of skin benefits. 

Apart from providing blue light protection, niacinamide is also thought to help in treating hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. It’s believed to be effective in oil control and minimizing pores. It’s a powerful ingredient that could perhaps amp up your skincare routine.  

4. Hand Lotions

Since 2020, people have seen the need to wash their hands as often as possible because of the pandemic. This includes using strong hand soaps, along with alcohol and hand sanitizers. While they could help guarantee your hands’ cleanliness, they could cause your skin to feel rough. Having rough skin on your hands might cause you to lose confidence, to the point you may not want others to touch them. On the contrary, having soft and supple hands would make you feel confident to do anything.

This 2021, hand lotions with antibacterial features are becoming more popular as they offer to protect your skin from germs while leaving it feeling soft and supple. With this, you can allow your skin to feel majestic without worrying about dryness and other skin concerns. What’s more, there are hand lotions that even have a variety of refreshing scents, keeping you in a good mood every time you rub them on your hands.  


Skincare trends emerge yearly to provide maximum protection, hydration, and moisturization to people’s skin. However, in 2021 and the recent past, the game has changed as skincare routine becomes influenced by a lot of factors. These include the ongoing pandemic, environmental concerns, and health issues, among others. With that, getting the skincare product that’s most appropriate to existing situations would help ensure you’re up to date with your skin health and wellness while also being aware of the concerns around you.