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4 Gift Ideas for Curly-Haired People

If you have straight hair, you might not be aware of the struggles many folks with naturally curly hair go through to maintain and care for their tresses. Products, hairstyling services, and mainstream marketing all tend to be designed for people with straight locks. It’s a tough world out there for curls!

If you want to show some appreciation and solidarity to the curly-haired folks in your life, read this article for some great gift ideas that will make your curly-haired friends feel seen and supported.

1. A Salon Gift Card

Many stylists and barbers at mainstream salons are unfamiliar with the intricacies of working with naturally curly locks. This means that folks with textured hair don’t get as high a level of service from those establishments as people with straight hair. The wrong products might be used, or they might walk away with a haircut that doesn’t suit their hair type.

A gift card to a curly hair salon is a thoughtful way to show you care. Your friend can choose to get a haircut or style from trained experts who know how to work with textured hair, or they can spend the gift on some great professional-quality styling products specifically designed for their hair type.

2. A Silk Pillowcase

Want your curly-haired friend to feel like royalty? Get them a silk pillowcase to rest their head on! Silk is a great material for pillowcases because its smooth texture allows hair to slide across without any friction. This prevents tangles, snarls, and bedhead, and it also avoids messing up complex hairstyles. Your friend will feel relieved not to have to spend hours every morning painstakingly fixing their hair after sleeping on a rough cotton pillowcase.

Additionally, silk has moisture-wicking properties that allow natural oils from the scalp to coat hair strands, rather than soaking into the fabric of the pillow. This can prevent dry ends and keeps your pillows cleaner for longer.

3. A Microfiber Towel

A curly mane needs to be dried carefully to avoid damage. Rough cotton and terrycloth towels can snag hair strands and separate curls, ruining careful hours of styling. A smooth fabric like microfiber avoids this problem, allowing your friend to dry their hair with confidence.

Want your gift to go even farther? Choose a microfiber towel that is also antimicrobial! Traditional bath towels are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria, and towels with antimicrobial properties go a long way toward addressing this issue. As a final bonus, microfiber towels tend to dry much more quickly than towels made of other fabrics, which makes them ideal travel accessories.

4. A Silk or Satin Hair Ring

Many of the ties and scrunchies you commonly see in drug stores aren’t designed to hold up curly hair. They’re often made of rubber, which snags in textured hair, and many are too small and don’t stretch far enough to tame a mane of curls.

Silk and satin are the best materials for curly hair accessories because the smooth surface of the fabric allows textured curls to glide across without getting caught. Furthermore, these rings are made with a strong frame on the inside that makes holding stubborn locks in place much easier.

Plus, if your friend decides to let their mane down, the ring can double as a cute and funky bracelet. It’s a win-win!

Show Your Curly-Haired Friends Some Love

These are some of the most popular gifts for someone with curly locks. Whichever you choose, be rest assured you’ll make your friend feel supported and witnessed in their fabulous hair journey.