Fantastic Views From Balconies and Pools in Mykonos, Greece

Who wouldn’t relish a great view from his place to the magnificent crystal-clear Aegean Sea? I might as well guess then. Well, I reckon everyone would be looking forward to such a majestic eye-relaxing sight. Afterwards, you might start having second thoughts about such a pleasure since you have come to believe that such “hobbies” and “habits” are only for the very rich of this world. Nonetheless, you couldn’t make a greater mistake. Luxury Mykonos villas by Clubzak are the place to be and the only one in Greece that can offer endless views out to such quaint landscapes. That is where you realize that only sky’s the limit as there’s not much more that could obstruct or spoil your amusement!


So, how about beginning our trip on this heaven paradise of lavish mansions with Rocky Duo? The whole place can actually sleep up to 32 people per night as it is 2 villas in 1. It boasts 3 amazing barbeques and 2 huge swimming pools. That is where you are going to have the chance to make the most of your dream. That is to say, you will be able to relax watching the sunset or the sunrise (if you are an early bird) while splashing the turquoise waters of the swimming area. In fact, you will be feeling like you are swimming in the sea as it is specially designed to inspire to you the feeling that you are indeed in it! Wasting more of your valuable time may result in losing the chance to book it on the right price. Hurry up!


No, it’s not another villa you’ll get bored reading about here. It’s Rocky Charm and as you might have already guessed, it is located on a rocky region of Mykonos called Agrari, but it’s so charming you cannot actually resist in visiting it. It can host up to 16 people a night so you will not find it that difficult to make yourself feel like home, comfy and tranquil. It is built in an area where you should escape from anything that gets you tired and stressed on a daily routine. You will for sure rejuvenate and refresh your mind in no time. Whether you dive into the lake-size pool or prefer a sunbed on the veranda, you will be stunned by the beauty of the scenery around.


Coming closer to the end of this exciting trip we come across Paraga Estate 2. It is right in front of the homonymous beach and it is without a doubt one of the best villas on the whole Cycladic complex. It can sleep up to 12 people and it was constructed trying to achieve total privacy and utter letup. Sun loungers will let you get tanned during the summer combined with some dives into the enormous swimming pool of the villa. If you happen to the visit the place during the summer holidays, you can take advantage of the Jacuzzi and of course the fireplace. Whichever your choice the staff of the manor will make sure to make your stay unforgettable! But you have to rush unless you want to miss the chance of reserving it…