4 Things That Change When You Become a Dad

Whether you’re ready to become a dad or not, being a dad changes everything. The changes go far beyond having another roommate in the house. Your entire persona starts to change, and the way that you see the world if you’re expecting a baby, or you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the world, here are some of the things that will change as a result of fatherhood.

You Worry More

At one time the most you had to worry about was what you were going to eat for dinner. However, once you become a dad, you have to start worrying about your child’s health, you care about their education, and you must be a hand to hold when they’re going through difficult moments. For this reason, you are constantly worrying about the well-being of your child, and what you can do to make a difference. 

As much as you might want to wrap up your child in bubble tape and protect them from the world around them, it’s not possible. The worry can get overwhelming at times, which can be a lot for new dads to handle.

You Become More Responsible

In your pre-dad days, it was OK to miss an important appointment or fail to do something that you promised you would do. However, when there’s a kid waiting for you to show up at their basketball game, it’s less likely you’re going to flake out. 

You’ll also have to worry about getting your children to their doctor’s appointments, and to school on time. all of this responsibility starts to make you a more responsible person in general. If you were never that responsible before, then get ready for that to change as you navigate fatherhood.

You Start Cleaning Up More

There’s something about fatherhood that makes dads look at messes in a different way. If once upon a time your dirty socks thrown all over the floor didn’t bother you, then toys and books will

If you start to notice yourself cleaning up more from the neverending mess that children seem to create, then welcome to fatherhood. Just be careful to wear protective shoes before you step on a Lego.

You Realize Who Your Friends Are

Before you have kids, you may have your drinking buddies who you watch the game with. However, when you have kids, you aren’t able to go out as much as you once could, and as such, you may find your friends calling you less. 

You start to realize that your true friends are the ones who come over even when you’ve got dirty diapers to change. They’re willing to come over and hang out even though there may be no football game or beer involved. Although it can be initially shocking to watch your friend group thing out, you start to appreciate the true friends that you have not much more!