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4 Ways to Keep Fake Eyelashes Looking Perky All the Time

Eyelashes have always been a symbolism of many emotions and feelings. From the wiggling long lashes to the short straight ones, they all portray their own histrionics. They are an integral part of enhancing facial expression and add youthfulness to your face. With the help of false eyelashes, you can completely change your outlook and get away from dullness or gloominess. When choosing the right one to make your eyes appear more expressive, go for natural fake lashes at Petite Cosmetics.

You need to be careful in your choice so that it blends easily with your natural eyelashes! You can buy such eyelashes from Paris Lash Academy.

Long and whole lash strip

Whether it’s for a costume or as an addition to your daily outfit, false eyelashes are incredibly fun to wear. While you can always buy the pre-made falsies at the drug store, many people don’t know how to apply them to their own eyelids. This may seem daunting to some, but it’s really quite simple if you follow the steps below. All you’ll need is some eyeshadow and a pair of cuticle scissors.

You don’t have to worry about them being fragile. You can cut the strips into smaller pieces, so your friends and family will think they’re the real deal too!

Shape them nice and easy

The false lashes should be shaped immediately upon opening them. If you try to shape them after applying the glue, they will be too stiff to mold properly. Using tweezers, hold the lash upward by the outer corner and pull down on one side and up on the other until the lash is flexible. Shape the lash with fingers back into its natural position.

While I lay out my false lashes on the tray, I squeeze them slightly to get rid of any bumps and open up the curve. I would normally use tweezers to pick up the lashes and then run the lashes through my fingers to straighten and curl them. However, before applying my false lashes, I like to mold them into shape already first.

Trim down the extra bit

Fake eyelashes will be useless if they don’t fit your eyes. But just how long should they be? It all depends on the style and how you want to wear them.

The main function of an adhesive for fake eyelashes is to stick the eyelash on your eyelids; however, there exists a variety of options in terms of hold and quality. Before buying or using one, you should be aware of these things not to let your feel down later.

Apply liquid eyeliner

Before putting on the false eyelashes, paint your eyes with dark, smoky eyeshadow to define your eyes. That way, you don’t need to worry about sticking on the false eyelashes while also concentrating on how to make sure you keep within your lash line. You can even choose to apply liquid eyeliner after the fake eyelashes have been applied since you should already have an idea of where the lashes should start in the middle of your eyeball and as they go down to your lash line.