SUV Sales in the UK: Why They are Peaking in 2021

The UK auto market has seen a steady rise in the number of SUVs sold since 2016, which is a reflection of the vehicle’s popularity, as families enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle thanks to their SUV. The high end of the market is very much in demand and with specialist vehicle dealers that customise Land Rovers to the client’s specifications, you can design the perfect SUV to meet your needs.

Major Investment

For professionals who have already reached management levels, they regard their rugged SUV as a long-term investment; check out the stunning Heritage Land Rover at Nene Overland, a leading UK customiser of Land Rovers, Toyotas and Jeep. They will customise a new or used model according to your specifications and are generally regarded as the best in the business, offering a wide range of services and accessories for extreme travel.

Boom in Camping

If you are old enough to remember the 1950s and 60s, you will have fond memories of camping on the South Coast in Devon or Cornwall and like most trends, camping is now back in vogue, largely due to the savings you can make with a family holiday. Indeed, many professional couples prefer to invest in a vehicle rather than a second home, which is all you need if camping is on the menu. Long weekends can be spent enjoying the amazing natural beauty that can be found in all regions of the United Kingdom and with many top-rated campsites in all regions, you won’t be spending 60% of your holiday budget on accommodation. Click here for further reading on planning a camping trip in your SUV.

Comfortable Family Travel

The SUV is perfect for long journeys and it has the storage that a large family would need and if you would like to view the new range of Land Rover Heritage, simply search with Google to find the nearest dealership and you can book a test drive. They would have a large selection of used vehicles, plus competitive finance if you would rather spread the payments over a few years, or you could opt for a brand-new model and have it customised to suit. If you invest in the right SUV, you can travel Europe, although you will need to obtain visas, now we are out of the European Union.

Low-Interest Finance

This is another reason why people are purchasing SUVs and if you shop around, you can find loans that are tailored to suit your lifestyle. If you would like to trade the family car and upgrade to a new Land Rover or Jeep, the dealership would offer you more than the value of your car, which really makes a difference.

Safe and Reliable

We all know what winter driving can entail and we had our fair share of snow in the 2020 winter and when you drive an SUV, you are in one of the safest modes of transport, with wide wheels and tyres that have fantastic grip, while 4WD is another benefit.

If you are ready to make an investment in an SUV, search online for a Land Rover dealership and book a test drive in the Heritage model, which should be enough to convince you that this is the perfect family vehicle.